Ecuador vs Peru June 8th [R]

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    I'm very unhappy with this result. Am I happy with the way we played? Yes I am, very happy, but that doesn't matter if you don't win a crucial match.

    We needed a win from this match, we drew meaning now we have to beat Brazil, or draw and hope Haiti don't lose by more than 2. Its unlikely for us to even get a draw against Brazil, so I have no confidence. We're as good as out in my mind. Hopefully I'm wrong but I can't see where we'll get a win over Brazil. Last time we beat Brazil was 1975 I think? Brazil may be going through a rough time but they're still a better team than us. That's the sad reality.

    First of all, take of Hohberg for the next match. Does absolutely nothing to support the attack. I know Polo hasn't been great but he's been more supportive in attack than Hohberg. Also, Revoredo is useless. Got absolutely destroyed last night by Montero. Sadly, Revoredo is the best option we have in his position so we'll have to do with him. No attack and no defence for a fullback. Lastly, how bad is Yotun as a central midfielder that Vilchez has to play? I'm not a fan of Vilchez. Yotun has played in the central midfielder position before, despite not being natural there, but he can't be worse than Vilchez. I refuse to believe that.

    I'm very happy we took advantage of Ecuador's poor start, as we usually don't take advantage of those things. However we needed to hold on. Same culprits as the last game against Haiti. Revoredo, Hohberg and Vilchez. I already talked about them. However, there is one thing this match taught us. Form over stars. Flores and Ruidiaz aren't well known stars compared to Farfan, Pizarro and Guerrero yet they perform better than them. You don't need to have a team full of stars in order to win. Form has proven here to be more important as we called a bunch of inform players to the national team and its working better than the team we called up against Venezuela and Uruguay in march. Cueva in my opinion is the best Peruvian player at the moment.

    Lastly, I've said this before several times to others, I rather the Peruvians play in Argentina, Brazil or Mexico rather than Europe. Peruvians in Europe usually don't start, like Carlos Ascues. However in South America and Mexico, they do start and play well. Such as Cueva and Advincula. Playing in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico means they also play at a decently high level, while not at the standard of Europe but still a decently good standard. If the players play in Peru, call up the in form players. Such as Flores.

    Ecuador's front 4 is scary and extremely underrated. You have Antonio and Enner Valencia, Miler Bolanos Montero and then has Cazares and Martinez on the bench.
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    I love Peru, they are a good team, great spirits, Paolo Guerrero is a beast, have faith, maybe they can go through.
    Ecuador is good too.

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