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    Yeah, going to school where and when I did. Then going to Sunday School to keep mum happy. Then you learnt about Easter.

    Great story. Love, hate, betrayal and it gets a bit bloody. Some of today's movies use that same scenario where just when you think the guy is dead. Up he pops again!
    That's really where the story blows it for me. Even at that tender age I knew that if someone is killed and is interned in a cave for 3 days they're going to be a tad over ripe. Not going out for a big dinner with a dozen friends. I just couldn't make that leap!!

    Then to top it off somebody. Probably named Cadbury. Came out with this Easter Egg idea. I didn't understand the concept but I do have this amazing love of chocolate so I became interested in Easter once again. It became even better when along came the Easter Bunny. I was in hog heaven.

    Now I'm older I can't do the egg and bunny thing any more. I do get them for the grandkids though. I've matured and arrived back to the start with Jesus.

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    Hah!! You think you had it bad. :coffee:

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    I was hoping the thread was about this guy.

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    Well....I remember this guy. Helluva player! :coffee:


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