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    I take it that you don’t think there is an MLS quota even though we’ve seen 2/3 slots consistently used for MLS players across USNT youth and senior camps all year and Arena’s prescient statement that 2/3rd of the pool is MLS?

    I would look at other MLS options over Lovitz btw as he’s particularly a bad choice. I still think that ARobinson has the most upside though and would give him an extended look.
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    Interesting thing is it's not like Holmes has never been called into a camp under Egg Head.

    He did. And he played relatively well.

    Actually, many of our NTers look poor their first few caps as they adjust. Homes settled in and flashed his skill quicker than most.

    Yet we haven't seen him since.

    I don't know if there's an MLS quota but it does strongly appear, as with Arena, if you're a borderline player in the coach's eyes they're going with the domestic player.

    If you're playing in the Prem or Bund, the level is so high you're likely getting called. But it might be seen as a bad look in SUM/MLS/USSF/cartel's eyes to call C'Ship players over MLSers.


    None have looked over their head with the NT previously, unlike say, Trapp. Yet nowhere to be seen.

    Can make individual arguments about not calling them in but to not see an of them collectively suggests there's something else at play. I smell more funny business from our Fed.

    Then again Tim Ream is apparently our captain so perhaps Egg's head has simply been frying on the skillet too long.
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    He played the 6 in the couple of games I have seen... But he is listed as a primary right-wing midfielder. So he could back up a healthy Adams/Yueill... but his skill set does lend itself to playing a more attacking position either in the center or on the wings. I am just arguing that he deserves a serious look... and that I have seen enough of Roldan to be OK with him being left off in favor of said look.
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    Holmes does have a bit of Adams in him: accelerated first step, ball-winning sense, vision to first touch up into space.
    Could he not compete with Yueill? I suggest Holmes is potentially better.
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    Does Gregg grossly over value being left footed? A lot options Lovitz is being chosen over both in MLS and abroad are right footed (Lima, Hollingshead, Fabian, Lichaj). Robinson seems to be the only exception there.
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    Yes, Gregg, like a lot of managers, greatly over-value their left-sided players having their dominant foot on the outside. So they limit their options to 10% of the population statistically.

    But actually, Hollingshead is left-footed according to Transfermarkt. I've seen conflicting reports. The fact we don't know after all that time watching him is a good thing. The same was the case for Fabian. It's framed as an ironic positive that players are left foot dominant. To me that means they are predictable, miss angles for squares and fw's, so have to play unnecessary back passes a lot. Especially bad to complement a pool that struggles to break multiple, organized lines.
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    I've watched Hollingshead for years and still don't know which is his dominant foot and no one I ask knows either. Two footed? Definitely and kudos for bring up Fabian as he also is a question mark there.

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