Domenican republic, Cuba and Nicaragua

Discussion in 'CONCACAF' started by napolisoccer, Jul 24, 2005.

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    Is popular the soccer in the Domenican Republic, in Cuba and in Nicaragua?
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    In Dominican Republic it is pure baseball, in Cuba too, but they have good soccer teams and in Nicaragua the national sport is baseball, although there are two provinces in Nicaragua who play soccer. There is also a stadium under construction in Nicaragua. 20,000 seats and they took the design of the stadium of Necaxa, Mexico.
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    hey juanete do u have an acount in
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    I lived many years in the Dominican Republic, because my Father is from there and I've seen improvements in its Soccer program everytime I go visit there.
    Dominican Republic, like Cuba and Nicaragua, is a Baseball Playing country, but has an up & coming soccer national team. Venezuela is also a Baseball Playing Country, but as you can see they've greatly improved in their soccer program and are better contenders in South America than they ever were.

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