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Discussion in 'Player' started by Irnbru, Nov 15, 2004.

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    Aug 5, 2004
    Today at my schools frosh/soph team practice, we were playing 9v 9 freshmen versus sophmores. I was at left back on the sophmore team and about halfway through the game one of the worst sophmores was switched with one of the best freshmen. Towards the end of the game (the last 10 minutes at most) i was switched with the best freshmen to play sweeper on the freshmen team, while he played left back. Does this mean that teh coach thinks the freshmen is better than me, or is it more likely that i have already established myself and he wanted to take a look at the freshmen in a better team setting? Btw, last year i was one of 3 freshmen to start. The guy who was playing right back was on the bench last year, so presumably the coach doesnt think he is better than me and me switching with the freshmen was just to give the freshmen a chance to prove himself. Does all of this mean anything, or do i just read into stuff too much?

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