Does the Super Y-League Matter?

Discussion in 'Youth National Teams' started by Bora Fan, Aug 6, 2002.

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    I'd like to hear what you coaches, parents and players have to say about the Super Y-League.

    Is it providing teams with meaningful competition - or is it just an extension of the network of tournaments and leagues that clubs already are involved in.

    I want to believe that it's a positive step in the direction of youth teams that feed MLS - but I'm just not sure whether it's capable of delivering on that promise.

  2. GersMan

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    May 11, 2000
    The potential is there, especially to the extent that you will always have parents upset with ODP. The more high-level players who opt to play Super Y, the better it will be perceived. It has definitely risen on the horizon over the past 3 years.
  3. listentobobmarley

    Jan 5, 2001
    what is the super Y-league?
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  5. Bora Fan

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    Dec 14, 1998
    New York Red Bulls
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    I never really got much from you coaches/players out there.

    What's the deal with the Super Y-League.

    Is it just another glorified tournament spread out over months or is it really starting to evolve into THE way for clubs to measure themselves.

    There are tons of West Coast teams that aren't even participating although they seem to be on the 2003 roster.

    Why has the East Coast been so responsive and not the West.

    What's the story here? Is this the way to develop youth into pros or just one of the ways? The criticism with youth development is that there are too many competing avenues.

    Is this another one or THE one?
  6. I don't have a link for it, but the Soccer Feds have approved the Y-League as an Olympic Development event, whatever that means. I'm sure there are pundits here who can explain if there is any significance to this.
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    Apr 4, 2001
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