Does FSP have a future at ANFIELD?

Discussion in 'Liverpool' started by poolfan=), Oct 21, 2004.

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    Sep 6, 2004
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    After speculation that FSP may be sold in the JAnuary transfer window because of his frustration by the lack of 1st team action + the possible arrival of another striker, will he be sold or does his recent good showing in the match against DEpor indicate he will be of use to the team?

    Can he play in a position other than striker to prolong his usefulness to the team?

    Is anyone going to reply to this post?

    All questions I hope will be answered soon......
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    May 29, 2004
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    FSP has a chance, but he must realize he is only 19 and competing for a spot with the previous years French League top scorer and the Euro 2004 top scorer.

    If an injury happens to Cisse or Baros or they play poorly in a match FSP will get his chance, but he still needs time to develop. Right now he is a prospect and should be happy to play for the reserves, make the sub bench, and hope for some substitute time. At 19 how much more can he hope for?
    Only Rooney and a few other young players get the time FSP would desire. His transfer request was very preemature and it shocks me how audacious him and Le Tallec are in their request for playing time.
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    Hopefully he's smart enough to realize that at such a tender age, his chances are bound to be somewhat limited. He's ahead of schedule anyway--well at least according to the now departed Houllier. He could always go out on loan and get some first team time, provided our current corps of strikers stays healthy. There's no doubt the kid has got talent. Now he just needs to pull his head out--and continue to work hard and improve.

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    yeah,but if morientes or mista do come in,then what??There are only 2 options.either Baros leaves or SNP leaves,its as simple as that .(I see Baros sold or SNP loaned to a french team)

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