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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by MarioKempes, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. MarioKempes

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    MLS paid too much for Beckham? The figure I am hearing is $10M per year x 5 = $50M plus $200M paid by AEG for image rights.

    I do not think Beckham is worth more than $2M per year to the league as a player, and perhaps another $2M as an ambassador. I have no idea about the $200M paid by AEG, but it seems $10M/yr is way off the mark for a 31 yr old who has lost his pace and his starting spot at Real Madrid.

    I sure hope this gamble pays off.
  2. dcsundevil2002

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    MLS is only paying him $400,000 a year. The rest is paid by the Galaxy and sponsorships. This is actually the info that the media should be giving out, not that MSL is paying him $1 million a week.

    At $400,000 a year, that is a steal for MLS. He is already making money for MLS/Galaxy/AEG hand over fist with ticket sales and his jersey sales will bring in more cash. The guy will be an ATM that Garber will be able to withdraw cash from whenever he wants.
  3. bluemeanies

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    Aug 20, 2006
    No not really. $10 million a year for the type of publicity he is generating in 2007 is absolutely worth it, more than an add buy could do. Whether he makes enough in the first two or three years to be worth it in 2011 is another question. But I'd think the fifth year was what we needed to promise to get him, the original rumors were about the same for AEG per year but over four.
  4. Chris M.

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    Jan 18, 2002
    I believe I read on here that AC Milan was offering 9 million US for three years. I think Real was probably offering something similar for two years.

    That is the market value, so if you want him, you aren't over paying. We had to go five years, which frankly is not a big issue considering his age. As dcsundevil said, MLS is only paying 400,000. If Phil takes it in the shorts for the rest, it will be an annoying pimple to him.

    I really don't see that happening. For all of the crap people say about Beckham, one thing is pretty indisputable. The guy trains and plays hard. In that sense, he is Michael Jordan like. He would compete hard in a pick up game on an empty field with no money involved.

    He loves playing and will give this everything. He also happens to be pretty good.
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  6. Chris M.

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    Jan 18, 2002
  7. golazo68

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    Well, things certainly are looking good this year! :)

    Pretty good rumor that the bid is now $4-6m a year on the jersey sponserships (so cut that salary expenditure down to $4-6m)

    They just sold 5k season tix in the last few days.

    Even if you reckon 'only' 4k are new fans, you probably just paid the first year of deal right there...
  8. Ismitje

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    Please use one of the many other threads where the number is discussed to continue this subject.

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