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    On Nov. 9th approximately 20 members of Real Salt Lake’s first official supporter’s club, the Loyalists, met with Trey Fitz-Gerald, the Senior Director of Marketing & Communications for RSL. He discussed upcoming events and decisions about the team and answered Loyalists’ questions for about 45 minutes. Here is a summary of what he discussed. For the complete article, please go to where the article will be available soon.

    Fitz-Gerald encouraged the Loyalists, saying he’d like the group to be a world-class supporter’s club and be “part of the family,” working closely with the front office staff. He agreed with one of the Loyalist’s comment that this group should be the “nucleus that can explode into something greater.” Although he’s seen the troubles that can occur in supporter’s groups, he has also seen the positive and said, “When it’s done right, it can be a fantastic thing.”

    He reiterated the idea that the front office is willing and anxious to have open communication with the Loyalists and give the group whatever support it needs. He described the relationship as mutually beneficial and said the front office will be accessible, even an “open book” for information. After RSL knows which players will be calling Salt Lake home, he would like the Loyalists to “help the players feel at home.”

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