Did Gro Espeseth have a kid?!?

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by Bombatta2, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Bombatta2

    Bombatta2 New Member

    Did BrandiC63 say that Gro has a baby now? Is it a boy or girl? I'm just curious................
  2. tritonspirit

    tritonspirit New Member

    I Believe She Had A Boy

    Several weeks ago I asked one of the players on the Norwegian National team if she had heard any news about Gro's baby. Last week I received an e-mail informing me that "Tror Gro har født en liten gutt :), " which means "I believe that Gro has given birth to a little boy :) ."
  3. BrandiC63

    BrandiC63 New Member

    Apr 8, 2000
    Piscataway, NJ
    lol i guess that answers ur question..

    kathy(milbrett) had posted somethin awhile ago before the kid was even born i think...in some newspaper..

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