DFWAO USA v. HON at Trinity Hall - ALLEN

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    Well, not new, just a different one of the same pub!

    Our beloved Yanks open up their World Cup prep with a home friendly against fellow CONCACAF qualifiers Honduras in Los Angeles. Trinity Hall has invited us to christen their new location in Allen by hosting this watching party. Both Trinity Hall locations will be a big part of our summer World Cup events, so come out and see their cool new place that still has that new-construction smell!

    WHAT: USA vs. Honduras

    WHEN: Saturday, January 23, 8:00 PM CST kickoff

    WHERE: Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Allen

    DFWAO - ENGLAND: DFWAO member Richard Oram is an English expat who is assembling all Dallas-area Englishmen who want to support both their country and their (other) country (as a passionate second interest). If you're English, an English fan, or know any Englishmen, please contact Richard on dfwao.england@gmail.com and root for both your teams!

    JOIN DFWAO: We have an exciting year planned with some real benefits in line for paid members of DFWAO. There will be a real difference in the 2010 experience for the DFWAO member, so join today at the link on the right or at our table and take advantage of these new benefits, as well as existing AO benefits such as flight discounts, game ticket discounts, and World Cup travel discounts!

    TRINITY HALL UPTOWN: will still be showing the match, but it will not be the featured event for the night and the DFWAO decorations and table will not be there for this match. Trinity Hall Uptown, along with Trinity Hall Allen, will still be a big part of our World Cup events this summer!

    NORTHBOUND ON CENTRAL EXPY.: Exit #35 Allen St. (north of Plano). Turn left at stop sign and go back over the highway. Turn left again on the frontage road. Trinity Hall Allen is right next to the IHOP.

    SOUTHBOUND ON CENTRAL EXPY.: Exit #36 Exchange Pkwy. Proceed down frontage road past stop sign (Allen St.) for a total of 0.9 miles. Trinity Hall Allen is right next to the IHOP.

    ABOUT TRINITY HALL ALLEN: It’s a little different in that it’s in suburbia and not Uptown, and the traffic patterns so far reflect that. It’s a little more dinner-oriented than the Uptown location, so there’s generally a wait for tables in the early evening. So if you plan to make an evening of it, please plan accordingly.

    Our party will be in the separate, glassed-off section that makes up their bar area. Unlike Dallas, Allen allows smoking in bars so long as the smoking area is partitioned (hence the glass). The partition also allows a more game-focused area as the Irish band and other evening events won’t be piped into the area.

    Parking is plentiful, no worries there. See you there!

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