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Discussion in 'Middlesbrough' started by dad1, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Feb 18, 2008
    I know next to nothing about Middlesbrough, but I want to learn more. How would you describe Middlesbrough to an American EPL neophyte? Why would someone choose to support them? What American cities or sports franchises would draw the best comparisons?

    I appreciate your replies.
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    Well, judging from the overwhelming responses, I'd have to say "apathetic" is the best description. =/ No, actually, you're really just in the wrong place. Not many Boro fans here in the States.

    Boro is bet described as a smaller EPL club that has bounced in and out of the top league, but does have a fairly strong history. Lately they've struggled near the bottom of the league, but they did make a great UEFA Cup run in 2005 when they went all the way to the final (and lost). They have a pretty decent stadium and fan base, a good chairman, and a young coach who went straight from the field to the manager's chair.

    Lately they've been losing a lot of good young players to teams that players perceive as "more ambitious," such as Woodgate to Tottenham, Viduka to Newcastle, etc. This summer they are trying to sign USMNT Michael Bradley, but it doesn't sound like it's going so well right now.

    Overall, a club that tends to "play up" for big games and can be a trap team for the big four, but struggles to put away the easy games. Slowly changing from a boring style to more flowing soccer under Gareth Southgate, and getting more inventive with players like Tuncay Sanli and Alfonso Alves up front. Perhaps their best player, winger Stuart Downing, plays for the England as well, and a lot of clubs have thought about buying him, resulting in a lot of recent rumors.

    We'll see where the club goes in the next few years. A lot depends on some higher table finishes, and a feeling among the young players that they can compete. The club will never have the money to really splash out cash for big signings, so a strong youth system, and retention of home-grown players is essential.
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    seeming as the Middlesbrough is in Cleveland, i would say it could draw a connection to the Cleveland Browns quite easily, its also a club that only seems to be supported by locals! lots of industry in the area aswel :(
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    Sep 6, 2009
    Middlesbrough FC
    As a Boro fan myself Id only be glad to help.

    The town itself has had a lot of knockers in the UK, mainly from the southern based press. True it is an industrial town, with its heritage gained from steel making and latterly ICI Chemical Works.

    The football team is ran by a local man come good called Steve Gibson. From bankruptcy in 1986 the club went through a period of unparalleled success. A run of more than a decade in the EPL, along with numerous cup finals in the late 90's / early 00's. After our first cup win in 2004 there were even 2 seasons in European competition culminating in the UEFA Cup Final in 2006. Unfortunately since then the team has declined to such an extent that we dropped out of the EPL last season.

    We will be back though! I suppose this doesnt answer your question, as Im not sure who to compare us with!
  5. Gregoriak

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    Feb 27, 2002
    Middlesbrough also had a useful team most of the 1970s, when they remained in the very competitive First Division (= equivalent of Premier League today) from 1974-75 to 1981-82.

    Their most notable player was of course Graeme Souness, who wore the #4 shirt for MFC until early 1978, when Liverpool bought him. Other notable players in those years were Stuart Boam, Bill Maddren, Bobby Murdoch, David Mills, former Leeds & England left back Terry Cooper, Micky Burns and former Wales international John Mahoney.
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    It took a while, esp after the heartbreak of two seasons ago. I am cautiously optimistic, though, as Boro did very well in the Championship for three years, hopefully building a base to allow them to avoid the dreaded first year bounce back to the Championship.

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