Deja Vu.... Possible MLS Expansion

Discussion in 'Inter Miami CF' started by Lucho305, Nov 26, 2010.

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    Remember this:

    Possible Boca Junior expansion into MLS, and maybe even Miami and now...

    This news came out few hours ago, talking about the possibility of Boca Juniors expanding into US or La Liga.. but if they was to expand to the MLS can they come out to Miami, and would Miami fans still want thier own idea, because the point of the story here is they want to expand thier brand...

    So what would you prefer? What's your take on this possible expansion story..
  2. drSoFlaFan


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    I do not, under any circumstances, want a team called "Boca Juniors Miami" or something like that, and that sounds like what they would want to do. All they want to do is "grow their brand" according to that article, and it even said they want the team to have the same Boca Juniors name. After the whole Barcelona debacle I really don't want a foreign team having anything to do with a MLS team in South Florida. I could stomach it if they let the new team have it's own identity and colors etc.

    I would not support a team like that, and most South Floridians would not. It's a bad idea. I would hope MLS turns them away if they come asking to put a team here. Sure, there are probably a lot of people in So. Fla. that like Boca Juniors, but there is surely many more who don't like or even hate Boca Juniors and would not support the MLS team. Your killing a lot of your potential fanbase right off the bat. Like Chivas USA in LA, there are more Mexican fans who hate Chivas in LA then there are people who like Chivas. Any Atlante, America, Cruz Azul etc. fan would never support CUSA.

    That being said, if they decided to play at FAU's new football stadium in Boca Raton it would make more sense lol. Boca Raton Juniors haha.
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    Yeah, no Boca in the name. If they want to run a team here fine but no Boca Juniors USA crap.
    We need our own identity.
    Only names I'd accept are old ones that were already part of the South Florida scene like Fusion, Strikers or something brand spanking new.

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