Dates and places where the 2005 Replica FA CUP will be on display

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    As most of the Arsenal fans know by now from looking at the pictures and reading other threads I have with me for a two week tour of the USA the FA CUP Replica from the 2005 season which we won by beating Man U on penalties. I also have the runners up trophy from the 1995 Super Cup which we lost to AC Milan. Other memorabilia I have left secure in Washington as I was unable to transport it around the US with me.

    The club finally agreed that we were able to take the trophy and other important items from the museum which is obviously fantastic news and I know that those who have seen it and lifted it already were surprised. So to give everyone in the cities I am visiting the chance to see it it will be on display and with me at the following places and dates.

    Jan 28th - New Orleans - if anyone wants to see it please PM me and we will arrange a place and time
    Jan 29th - Jackson - Arsenal v Newcastle game - Please PM frankgarrison for details of where it will be
    Jan 30th -
    Jan 31st - Dallas, Texas
    Feb 1st - Dallas, Texas
    Feb 2nd - Dallas/Seattle - Arsenal v Manchester City - Trinity Hall, Dallas - Please PM DallasGooner for details of where it will be
    Feb 3rd - Seattle - please contact deeplennon for details but probably at George and Washington Pub in the morning for the Prem game on TV.
    Feb 4th - San Francisco - please contact goonersf for details
    Feb 5th - San Francisco
    Feb 6th - Santa Barbara - Please contact me if you are in this area
    Feb 7th - Anaheim - Please contact me if you are in this area
    Feb 8th - Los Angeles
    Feb 9th - Los Angeles - please contact goonsquad for details - probably Fox and Hounds pub.
    Feb 10th - New York - Nevada Smiths

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