Date of 2006 A3CC decided!

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    The C/K/J league general secretaries just held the 13th A3 organization general secretaries meeting in Qingdao China. the A3 organization announced that the 2006 A3CC will be kick off in one week after the World Cup! From 2007 Season the tournament will be in August or September

    Previous A3 general secretaries meeting:

    1st 2001.1.1-2 Tokyo, Japan
    2nd 2001.7.11-12 Shanghai,China
    3rd 2001.12 Jeju, Korea
    4th 2002.3.19-20 Osaka Japan
    5th 2002.8.7-8 Dalian China
    2003 A3 Champions Cup 2003.2.14-22 Tokyo,Japan
    6th 2003.4 Qingdao,China
    7th 2003.9.22 Shanghai,China
    8th 2004.1.19-20 Shanghai,China
    2004 A3 Champions Cup 2004.2.22-28 Shanghai,China
    9th 2004.5.14-15 Tianjin,China
    10th 2004.9 Seoul,Korea
    11th 2005.1.12 Seoul,Korea
    2005 A3 Champions Cup 2005.2.13-19 Jeju,Korea
    12th 2005.3.25 Tokyo,Japan
    13th 2005.7.1-2 Qingdao,China

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