DashBORED confessional has gone too far

Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by benine, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. benine

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    Jul 22, 2002
    Okay, so I finally stopped shaking my head in disgust and watched whatever horrible video it is of his/theirs thats on the MTV, and to my shock I was actually handed something to be MORE DISGUSTED by this horrible, vapid, selfinfatuated/centered, poser, juvenile shit; their "graphic" or "logo" ( no, not the equally misplaced AC/DC rip off). So, Dashboard crybitch-mugging-for-pain-and-16yearoldgirls is equatting his entire "why did you break up with me? i want to cry and will..." song catalog/message to the Trail of Tears, the single most horrific and unjust forced exodus in american history...great, way to show your A: Stupidty B: Disrespect and C: selfcenteredness.

    F, I would totally beat hell out of that bia' if I saw him in ANY public situation. lookylooky if you will


    anyway, any more rants on the suck nature of this horrid "break up emo" band, please feel free to drop them in this rant holder.
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    I was at the Weezer concert back in July and Dashboard was the second bands opening for Weezer. I heard many good things about them from my friends so I was kinda excited to hear them. Man do they suck. First off, every 14 year old girl was drooling over them, and some fat heffer 2 seats to my left screamed real loud to the point where I thought my ear drums were gonna blow up. Then the lead singer of Dashboard sounds like a pre-pubescent muppet. It was funny and painful at the same time. Weezer rocked by the way.
  3. zpjohnstone

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    Feb 27, 2001
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    Those guys take 'earnestness' to a new pathetic level and the lyrical content is pretty close to that of a highschool journal keeper's club. Plus they're all to polished, yet inconsistent, in their indie-rock look- the singer's hair says 'San Diego', but his clothes say 'Midwest Emo'.

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