Danish blast for Curbishley

Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by hartley, Nov 15, 2004.

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    Olsen is absolutely right. Curbs refuses to play him in his natural position of right wing. He's not left footed. He struggles on the left.

    As for playing defense, apparently no one on the right was playing defense because we are now playing with two defensive midfielders in front of the back four. The wingers can now push forward and not track back so much. The additional DM's allow the full backs to watch what happens wide right and left covering and covering opposing wingers and not worrying about helping the center backs.

    This new formation is almost the same thing that PSV uses. It is absolutely perfect for Dennis. PUT DENNIS IN!!!
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    I agree with you Kev. Dennis should be on the right. I don't understand Curbs' insistence on putting him on the left -- especially now that Thomas is doing so well out there.

    So, if you put Dennis out, who sits down? What's your lineup? Do you take out JJ?

    It seems to me that JJ and Dennis are the choices at that spot. Thomas or Lisbie on the left? Thomas or Jeffers? Bartlett or Jeffers? Bartlett or Euell? Murphy or Euell? Hughes for Kish? Graham for Holland?

    4-3-3 offense
    ---------------- Kiely -----------------
    --Young --- Perry --- El K --- HH ---
    -- Kishishev -- Murphy -- Holland --
    --- JJ ----- Bartlett ----- Thomas ---

    or 4-5-1 Defense
    ---------------- Kiely -----------------
    --Young --- Perry --- El K --- HH ---
    ------ Kishishev ------ Holland ------
    --- JJ ------ Murphy ----- Thomas ---
    --------------- Bartlett ---------------

    Honestly, who is the best holding striker on this team? Bartlett? We need someone who does the job Bent is doing for Everton -- especially when we sink into the 4-5-1 defense. He holds the ball well and gives his wingers and midfielders a chance to get up into the attack.

    Don't get me wrong. I think what Curbs is doing with his formation is perfect for the squad he has to turn out. It's nice to see him finally adjusting to the players rather than making his squad adjust to a system that hasn't been working.

    On top of it all, wouldn't it be nice to say, "Without X [star player], we would not play as well." Who is that star? Is it still Scott Parker? Or are we searching for one? Or do we need one?

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