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    Barcelona president Joan Laporta has publicly lambasted Roberto Bonano and Dani for overstaying their welcome at the Camp Nou.

    According to Lamporta, the duo have turned their nose up at offers despite being told that they were surplus to demands.

    "It's a matter that is really irking me, because there is an obvious solution," hissed Laporta. "I'm unhappy with the players because we have put a lot of good will towards solving the situation."

    The Catalan chief picked out Spanish international striker Dani for special criticism, as he allegedly had the most opportunity to leave.

    "He is a player who has gone a long time without playing, and has had many offers to go to other places but has never resolved the situation," explained Laporta.

    "There have been offers from Osasuna and other clubs like Valencia but it seems they are not of interest to the player.
    "It can't go on, however," he continued, "as it is damaging the reputation of everybody involved."

    The former Mallorca star reacted with disbelief upon hearing of Laporta's outburst.

    "I had a very interesting offer from Valencia which I was very keen on and I still have no idea why they didn't let me leave," Dani insisted.
    "They can say what they like, but I wanted to leave and they didn't play their part."

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