Czech Republic at UEFA Euro 2020

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    We are six weeks out from our opening match at Euro 2020 and discussions regarding squad selections should begin to intensify.

    On that note, rosters have been expanded from 23 players to 26. A smart decision from UEFA to account for compacted club schedules and Covid concerns, but more likely an opportunity for Silhavy to make three additional mistakes..

    I’m currently projecting Silhavy to select these 26 players assuming everyone is available:

    Vaclik / Pavlenka / Kolar
    Coufal / Kaderabek
    Kalas / Celustka / Zima / Brabec
    Boril / Mateju
    Soucek / Kral / Darida / Holes / Pavelka
    Jankto / Barak / Provod / Masopust / Dockal
    Schick / Krmencik / Vydra / Hlozek / Pekhart

    I feel this is most accurate if we consider his call ups throughout the 20/21 season, who is actually available, and who he typically (and stubbornly) favours.

    The immediate changes I’d make to this list and hope for would be:

    Kalvach > Pavelka
    Sevcik > Dockal
    Kuchta > Pekhart

    The other two questionable inclusions would be Mateju (somewhat) and Brabec (very). I’m sort of indifferent here compared to the previous three I’d replace. I really wouldn’t mind Novak over Mateju and literally anyone instead of Brabec.

    Our pre-tournament warm up friendlies:

    June 4 @ Italy (20:45 CET)
    June 8 v Albania (18:00 CET)

    I don’t know of an exact date for the squad announcement, but I’m sure we’ll hear of one soon.

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