Curse of Sigi

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by subbuteo, Jun 30, 2005.

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    United States piece about how sorry LA are away from the woodshed Kozel: Curse if Sigi?!

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    Sep 3, 2001
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    This article is so pathetically revisionist that it's laughable. Who set an MLS record after failing to secure a single road victory in an entire season? Answer: Sigi's 2003 Galaxy.

    Sigi's road record was atrocious since moving to the HDC, yet somehow Sampson shoulders the blame. Sampson is simply continuing the suck that was already sucking.
  3. PZ

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    I always thought it was more a curse of the RB. LA have been awful on the road ever since that 2 month road trip waiting for the HDC to be finished.

    The only documented curse involving the Galaxy is the # 9 shirt. Thank you Jorge Campos

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