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    Dec 9, 2015
    UEFA conducted draws in June for the 1st and 2nd round qualifying as qualifications have now already started for Europa and Champions League.

    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Dinamo Zagreb
    Dinamo 2nd round qualifying opponent will be the winner of Sheriff Tiraspol/Saburtalo Tbilisi and they will be seeded throughout the qualifying rounds.

    EUROPA LEAGUE: Rijeka, Osijek, Hajduk Split
    Rijeka don't enter until the 3rd round so they won't know their opponent until July 22. . They are seeded for the third round but unlikely to be seeded in the playoff

    Osijek draw the winners of CSKA Sofia/OFK Titograd, first leg away. Osijek are seeded in the 2nd round but won't be beyond that.

    Hajduk draw Gzira United from Malta in the 1st round, first leg away return leg at home (though in Dugopolje). First leg was played on Tuesday July 9th, 2019 and Hajduk beat Gzira 2:0 in the first leg in Malta. The goal scorers were Adam Gyurcso and Ivan Dolcek.
    Hajduk are seeded for the first two rounds, in the third round they are on the bubble, need some higher seeds to lose (which usually happens) but won't be in the playoffs

    This season will be difficult in terms of defending points as 6.875 points are coming off the board, so while getting 15th place was great it will be equally hard to retain it. Essentially 5 teams are fighting for that spot now (Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland, Serbia). Denmark in 14th place is a full 4 points ahead.
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    Hajduk Split blew it. They scored in the 7th minute and led until the 57th minute. Gzira scored in the 69th minute. In the 90+6th minute, Gzira scored to win the game 3-1, make the aggregate 3-3, and win on away goals. 5 of the 6 goals were scored by away clubs. As a fan of Israeli clubs, I remember three seasons ago when Hajduk Split hosted the Europa League Playoff Round second leg against Maccabi Tel Aviv. Both clubs won 2-1 at home, and nobody scored in extra time. Marko Ćosić scored both of Hajduk Split's second leg goals, but he failed on his penalty kick that eliminated them. In the four seasons ending 2017-2018, they were eliminated in the Europa League Playoff Round every time. In 2018-2019, they were eliminated in Europa League Qualifying Round 3. This is the first time since 2011-2012 that they didn't advance at least one qualifying round. This is the thirteenth consecutive season that started in a Europa League qualifying round, with the first two of those while it was the UEFA Cup. Of the 27 seasons after Croatian independence from Yugoslavia, they played in Europe every season except for 2006-2007.

    Croatia is the top country with a club eliminated.
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    Dec 9, 2015
    Hajduk Split just is not a well run team. The mindset of that club is not right. Selling off some of their best young players like Bradaric and Palaversa at 19 is not what they should be doing. I see that they have since that game fired their coach and replaced him with Damir Buric. Their coaching is not their issue IMO. Their issue is their philosophy of play , player development and management of that club. They need a proper football man brought in to clean house and then implement his vision for that club.Unfortunately right now it is all patch work with this club
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    Dec 9, 2015
    Dinamo will play Saburtalo Tbilisi for their first Euro opponents, they actually won 3:0 in Moldova but lost the return leg at home 3:1 (they were down 3:0 at one point)

    Osijek will play CSKA Sofia who easily beat OFK Titograd
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    Dec 9, 2015
    Osijek played their 2 games against CSKA Sofia. They lost the first game in Sofia 1-0 and then beat CSKA Sofia on the return leg 1-0. But that second game went to extra time and then to penalties where Osijek were beaten on penalties 4 to 3. So they too are now out of Europe.

    Dinamo Zagreb won both of their games against FC Saburtalo. They won away 0-2 and then at home 3-0. Dinamo's next opponent will be Ferencvarosi TC in September.

    Rijeka have drawn face Aberdeen FC in the next round

    Croatia's current country coefficient is 1.00
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    Dec 9, 2015
    With Dinamo's Zagreb's win against Rosenborg yesterday and HNK Rijeka loss today to KAA Gent. This is the current Coefficient for this season. I doubt we reach that 15th place place now. Rijeka and Dinamo will play their next games at home against the same opponents.

    Saburtalo: 2.0
    Ferencvaros: 1.5
    Rosenborg: 1.0

    Aberdeen: 2.0
    KAA Gent : 0.0

    CSKA Sofia: 1.0

    Gzira: 1.0

    8.5/4 = 2.125

    15. Cyprus 25.000 (2; APOEL, Apollon)
    16. Greece 23.700 (3; Olympiakos, PAOK, AEK)
    17. CROATIA 22.625 (2; Dinamo, Rijeka)
    18. Serbia 22.000 (2; Red Star, Partizan)
    19. Scotland 21.750 (2; Celtic, Rangers)
    20. Norway 21.250 (2; Rosenborg, Molde)
    21. Switzerland 20.700 (3; Young Boys, Basel*, Lugano*)
    * = already in group stage
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    Dec 9, 2015
    So Dinamo Zagreb drew Man City FC, FC Shaktar and Atalanta BC.

    Dates for CL matches.

    1. kolo: 18.09. 21:00h GNK Dinamo - Atalanta BC
    2. kolo: 01.10. 21:00h Manchester City FC - GNK Dinamo
    3. kolo: 22.10. 18:55h FC Shakhtar - GNK Dinamo
    4. kolo: 06.11. 21:00h GNK Dinamo - FC Shakhtar
    5. kolo: 26.11. 21:00h Atalanta BC - GNK Dinamo
    6. kolo: 11.12. 18:55h GNK Dinamo - Manchester City FC

    First game was played on September, 18th and Dinamo defeated Atalanta 4-0 in Zagreb

    The coefficients after this first group match are as such
    14. Denmark 26.250
    15. Greece 25.300
    16. Cyprus 25.000
    17. CROATIA 24.375
    18. Serbia 23.750
    19. Scotland 23.375
    20. Norway 21.500
    21. Switzerland 21.200
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    Dec 9, 2015
    How Dinamo Zagreb played in the Champions League in the 2019-2020 season;

    UEFA Champions League

    Group C Wed Sep 18, 2019 Home Win
    [​IMG] Atalanta 4:0
    Group C Tue Oct 1, 2019 Away Loss
    [​IMG] Man City 2:0
    Group C Tue Oct 22, 2019 Away Draw
    [​IMG] Shakhtar D. 2:2
    Group C Wed Nov 6, 2019 Home Draw
    [​IMG] Shakhtar D. 3:3
    Group C Tue Nov 26, 2019 Away loss
    [​IMG] Atalanta 2:0
    Group C Wed Dec 11, 2019 Home loss
    [​IMG] Man City 1:4

    Dinamo Zagreb ended up finishing last in their group with 5 points.

    Final Coefficients for Croatia in the Group stage are

    14. Czech Republic 27.300
    15. Cyprus 26.750
    16.Scotland 26.625
    17. Greece 25.700
    18. Serbia 25.500
    19. CROATIA 24.875

    20. Switzerland 24.400
    21. Sweden 22.750

    Next season we will have 2 teams in Champions League and 3 in the Europa league.

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