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Discussion in 'Referee' started by quicksand, Sep 21, 2003.

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    Anyone ever ref a game where one coach threatened to "take out" the other coach, a player charged at the referee's back with a clinched fist only to be held back by his teammates, and a mother insist that her son was going to get hurt because he couldn't wear his metal wrist brace during the game but was forced to play anyway by said mother and insist that it would be the referee's fault?

    Cause I was AR for one of those today.
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    Oct 11, 2002
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    There is no limit to the psychotic behavior demonstrated in the playing of a "game". All you can do is chuckle to yourself, be glad you aren't the center and use it as motivation to keep your own perspective and temper.

    Last year I coach told a parent (loudly to be sure that I heard) that a yellow card I gave "destroyed the players love for the game". Boy am I powerful!

    BTW Quicksand is 3 posts from 5,000!! I am impressed.

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    Sounds like your center needed to break out one of these:

  4. Scott Zawadzki

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    I had an interesting one Saturday. Girls U12 low level match. One "soccer dad" seemed to be entertaining himself by loudly pointing out all the mistakes his daughter was making. Just at the point where I was saying to myself 'this kid just looks like she is having a miserable time out here.' he came out with c'mon!!! Don't make me come out there and beat you!!! It seemed that he was the only one on the field who thought he was being funny.

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    Re: Re: Crazy match...

    Did you toss him (or rather have the coach ask him to leave)? He was clearly affecting the play on the field. Wouldn't you have been justified in having him removed?

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