Crash probe focuses on car driver

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    Investigators are focusing on evidence suggesting a car driver committing suicide caused a rail crash that killed seven people in Berkshire on Saturday.
    The driver was among those killed when a First Great Western train hit his car at a level crossing near Ufton Nervet.
    Police say they will examine the car to see if there may be any other reasons why it had stopped on the crossing.
    An off-duty policeman saw the car on the crossing just before the crash and tried to alert emergency services.
    Policeman's 'plea'
    Six people, including the train driver and the car driver were killed in the crash and the seventh died in hospital on Sunday.
    Police said the car was stationary on the crossing, with the barriers down, when it was hit by the train.
    The officer rang emergency services, but it was too late to avert the tragedy, they added.
    Some newspapers have reported that the officer had a conversation with the driver of the car before it was hit by the train, pleading with him to save his life.
    The Daily Express said the officer yelled at the young driver to "get out of the car now!"
    But the man is thought to have replied: "No. Leave me alone. I want to die," the paper added.
    The Daily Mail has reported that another witness, Mark Penston, spoke to the officer after the crash.
    "The policeman said he had seen the car stop on the line. He said it was a suicide," Mr Penston told the paper.
    However, Det Chief Constable Andy Trotter, of British Transport Police, said the officer's statement did not include any mention of a conversation between him and the driver of the car.
    Speaking about the suicide theory, he said: "We never jump to conclusions, but obviously this is a major line of inquiry when you get such unusual behaviour.
    "We won't make any assumptions. One of the reasons why we're going to examine the motor vehicle in such detail is to see if there are any other explanations for what might have happened."
    He said officers had not yet spoken to the car driver's family.
    He said the off-duty officer had had only a matter of seconds to act and had done "extremely well in the circumstances".
    He added that it was "quite remarkable so many people managed to escape from such an awful event".
    I hope this suicide thing isn't true. What a complete twat if it is true, since he killed more than just himself.

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