Costa Rica MNT 2009, News & Comments -PART III

Discussion in 'Costa Rica' started by aguimarães, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. aguimarães

    aguimarães Member

    Apr 19, 2006
    LD Alajuelense
    Everyone´s pissed at how we did in qualifying. We know we have the talent, but our federation just can´t seem to get the right man to organize it.
  2. MoRado

    MoRado New Member

    Feb 6, 2004
    San José. Costa Rica
    Deportivo Saprissa
    Nat'l Team:
    Costa Rica
    maybe its time for it... but i ratter liked the forum when all the CA forums where together
  3. Vamos Ticos

    Vamos Ticos Member

    Jul 18, 2006
    Tomorrow Ronald Gonzalez will call up the players that will be playing against Argentina on January 26 in Argentina. Since it's only a local based team i hope he calls up our U-20 team with a few other additions like Keylor Navas, Josimar Arias, and Dario Delgado.

    Maradona will also be calling up his team which will also be local based players most likely including "La Brujita" Veron, Martin Palermo, and Clemente Rodriguez.
  4. Vamos Ticos

    Vamos Ticos Member

    Jul 18, 2006
    Ronald Gonzalez calls up 22 players....if Argentina calls up an experienced team...we're going to get owned since we have a lot of scrubs...some key U-20 players weren't called up like Roy Smith, David Guzman, Josue Martinez, Daniel Varela, Carlos Hernandez, and Allen Guevara.

    Keylor Navas (Saprissa) - Of Course
    Luis Diego Sequiera (Brujas F.C.) - Good young Keeper

    Dario Delgado (Puntarenas) - Good young defender
    Heinor Mora (Brujas F.C.) - ???
    Bryan Oviedo (Saprissa) - Excellent but he might go on trial in Europe
    Esteban Maitland (Brujas F.C.) - ????
    Jose Mena (Saprissa) - Excellent
    Douglas Sequiera (Saprissa) - hahaha wtf??? He makes Marin look like the Cannavaro of 2006.
    Cristian Gamboa (Liberia) - Excellent

    Cristian Blanco (Herediano) - NO...talented but injured all the time
    Esteban Sirias (Liberia) - Good
    Michael Barrantes (Saprissa) - Good when consistent
    Jose Cubero (Herediano) - nice young call up
    Esteban Granados (Cartagines) - Sucks
    Juan Gabriel Guzman (Perez Zeledon) - Should've been David Guzman.
    Josimar Arias (Brujas F.C.) - Excellent
    Diego Estrada (Alajuelense) - Excellent

    Diego Madrigal (UCR) - Excellent
    Juan Monge (Perez Zeledon) - Showed talent at the end of last season.
    Marcos Urena (Alajuelense) - Excellent when he doesn't ball hog
    Argenis Fernandez (Alajuelense) - Good but too skinny and weak for Argentina
    Daniel Jimenez (Brujas F.C.) - Ball Hog....wheres Josue Martinez???
  5. Vamos Ticos

    Vamos Ticos Member

    Jul 18, 2006
  6. Ajas

    Ajas Member

    Sep 23, 2009
    Seattle Sounders
    Rumor is that Dario Delgado might be coming to the Sounders... but it's hard to find out ANY information on him. We're all a little confused because in the MLS Expansion Draft we protected Ianni, Tyrone Marshall, AND Hurtado (all CBs) while leaving our starting RB exposed (even though we wasn't taken)... So getting a 4th CB is odd news.

    Has he played outside back or midfield at all? We are all extremely happy with Leo Gonzalez out at LB.

    Is anyone here familiar with him?
  7. aguimarães

    aguimarães Member

    Apr 19, 2006
    LD Alajuelense

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