Cost of 'covering' a game for media purposes?

Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by billyireland, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Just a quick question: If I decided to start up my own internet-TV channel and (as opposed to streaming games) instead tried to buy the rights to show them, does anybody have a ballpark figure of what the cost and overheads might be?

    I am thinking camera/acoustic equipment, techies to help run the show, that kind of stuff.

    Also the rights to show those games, exclusively if possible. Bear in mind that I am talking about upstart type matches - League of Ireland, [Northern] Irish League, maybe the English conference or leagues below that. The cheapest matches we can get essentially, at least until we (fingers crossed!) get in a position to expand.

    We are planning on going for a little more of a 'casual/fun!' atmosphere for the channel (if we can get it going), since it will set us apart the intensely over-hyper, super-serious nonsense we get off all major stations these days. This should also seriously drop down the cost of set design and will also offset the fact that getting known/respected pundits and commentators will take time; we will likely have to begin with upstarts in that regard.

    The exact details on the money aspect of things are not my dealing by the way (we've got people qualified in accountancy, marketing, IT, business management, engineering, etc who are all also out of jobs due to our 20% unemployment rate), I just came up with it and figured this is as good a place as any to get an answer on this quickly.

    So again - roughly how much does anybody know, would it cost to both buy the rights to, and purchase/loan/set up the equipment to make it look professional for a very low-end match such as the ones listed above?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.
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    check out a company called gsnap that does broadcasts for high school football and other events with live video feeds and text commentary (for mobiles). Anyone can set up an event and provide comments but you can also work with them for all the special integration - I believe they've used ustream and simple laptop setups to broadcast the video. They also did a country music event from Nashville i saw once. Might help to keep your costs low.
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