Commercialization and Commodification in the Bundesliga

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    Need help please!

    Hi all,

    I'm currently researching globalisation, commercialisation and fan culture and I'm specifically looking at Red Bull and the RB Leipzig 'project'. I would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to help me out.

    The previous 2-3 seasons has witnessed a growing discontent over the increasing commercialization and commodification of the Bundesliga. Examples include;

    - The promotion and rejection of Monday night football

    - Stadium bans for pyrotechnics

    - Increase in ticket prices

    - Discontent towards the national team

    - A dying relationship between supporter and the DFB

    Obviously, the Bundesliga is still some way off from becoming overly commercialized like the EPL, nevertheless the powers that be have been attempting to make changes to the game for better or worse in recent times.

    This growing discontent has got me thinking about commercialization and commodification, does the Bundesliga need to be commodified and commercialized to prevent the league from possibly falling behind other top leagues or does commercialization and commodification need to be resisted to prevent changes?! With this said, I'm seeking to understand;

    "How do you feel about the commercialization and commodification of the Bundesliga? i.e. what concerns you the most or what forms of commercialization and commodification do you accept and why?

    Thanks everyone!

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