Coming to NUFC v Chelsea

Discussion in 'Premier League: News and Analysis' started by Brook, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. Brook

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    United States
    I am an American coming over for the match listed above. We will be staying in London. Any POLITE tips for travel?
  2. BrianCappellieri

    BrianCappellieri Red Card

    Feb 11, 2002
    I'd imagine you mean Chelsea v Newcastle, correct? (Meaning you'll be going to Stamford Bridge)
  3. Boro_lad

    Boro_lad New Member

    would be funny if he is coming to london to watch newcastle at home...hehe

    if you want to watch REAL football...come watch the Boro.....
  4. Boro_lad

    Boro_lad New Member

    My top 5 tips for travel are as follows:

    1) Have a passport...always a must if you go abroad

    2) Buy a plane ticket. you cant fly without one

    3) Book a hotel. you dont want to sleeping on the floor

    4) Buy a ticket for a train/bus for transfers from the airport to city of destination. Or better still fly to that city...

    5) Buy a ticket for the match in advance. You dont want to disapointed when they are all sold out...

    those were my top 5 tips for travel....
  5. mactheknife

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    Aug 2, 2002
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Chicago Fire
    Re: Re: Coming to NUFC v Chelsea

    "travel tips for the clueles"

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