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  1. ecosseboy2004

    ecosseboy2004 New Member

    Nov 23, 2004
    Does anybody know the colours of the following clubs

    Spain Badalona
    Spain Castillo
    Spain CE Sabadell
    Spain Deportivo Don Benito
    Spain Fuerteventura
    Spain Guijuelo
    Spain Huesca
    Spain Marino
    Spain Navalcarnero
    Spain Peralta
    Spain Sestao
  2. markitos

    markitos New Member

    Nov 17, 2004
    Segunda Div B
    Group I
    UD Fuerteventura: green-white
    CDA Navalcarnero: red-white-blue
    Castillo CF: black-yellow (although they play yellow-blue)

    Group II
    CD Guijuelo: green-white
    Club Marino de Luanco: blue
    Sestao River Club: black-darkgreen

    Group III
    CF Badalona: blue-white
    CE Sabadell: lightblue-white
    SD Huesca: blue-red
    CM Peralta: white

    Group IV
    CD Don Benito: red-white-blue

    all to find at

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