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Discussion in 'College & Amateur Soccer' started by LuvDaBears, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. LuvDaBears

    LuvDaBears New Member

    Sep 4, 2002
    Okay boys and girls, it's time to speculate a little bit on changes that could be made following this season. Who's on the hot seat? I know Sandon will chime in on this one.
  2. rain on your parade

    Sorry Luv, but a cold bucket of reality in your face. There are no coaches on the hot seat, at least for the reason you are looking for which is poor performance. Reality is that at most schools soccer is a nonreveune sport. ADs only requirement is that you stay within the budget, don't complain, run a clean program, make sure a few kids graduate. Further, play enough patsies to stay near .500, even better, in at least one game stay close to a top rated team.

    Again, sorry Luv, there are many of us that wish there was the passion and interest in soccer that bball, and football get, but that just ain't so. It's called money, there just ain't enough to go around, so as long as a coach doesn't fart in his AD's backswing, everything is hunky dory.

    To go along with your thread, in the dream world that Ads actually cared, here's my list (I will leave off Gt and Rennie as they get enough heat here):
    John Tart - UNCCharlotte - boy that Ad cleaned up Kohlensteins program. This guy is a joke as a soccer coach. Check his playing background.
    Michael Parker - UNCG - retired a few years ago (basically when he didn't get the Clemson job) just forgot to tell the school. Assistant Darren Powell has sparked a little life back in the program.
    Spencer Smith - Radford - Only thing that places him above Tart is that he did play, and pretty well. But as a coach, clothespin on the nose.
    Berson - the other USC - major program, major disappointment. My pick for the next GT/Rennie.
    George - UVA - I mean Notre Dame finally fired Bob Davies.

    Don't get around as much as I used to so I am only up on this area, curious about the rset of the country.
  3. LuvDaBears

    LuvDaBears New Member

    Sep 4, 2002
    greensboro...on Charlotte's web site, it says that Tart played four years at Furman. I don't get the Kohlenstein's reference...can you explain?
  4. KinleyDog

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    Aug 20, 2003
    ok, let's ask this question...over the last 5 yrs, how many college coaches have been dumped by their univ or quit in d1 and d2. looking for stat man...sandon / lastword / gsterp?

    the problem with firing college coaches is that they may show up somewhere else to pollute in other places. especially if they move to the club system which i believe should be the true feeder program into the US professional league if the US ever gets it $hit together about this game. or even worse, they show up as a national level coach. ugh!!
  5. Fanof Twelve

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    Jul 26, 2003
    Huntersville, NC
    Kohlenstein reference

    From what I remember, Kohlenstein was the coach at UNC-C before John Tart. Late in his last season, the players revolted and met with the AD to complain. I'm not sure of details, but it led to his "release." Tart was brought in from Furman to calm things down and take over the program. Allison then got the job at Furman. Both programs seem to be doing better with their respective coaches, so I wouldn't expect either of them to be on the hot seat. Furman has had a tough season so far, but there's always next year. Charlotte seems to be up and down this year, playing great at times, and fairly meek at times. Pretty typical for most college teams I've seen this season.

    LDB, I'll send you a note about this weekend and next week.
  6. Charlotte

    Kohlenstein had great results at Charlotte. One of the best college games I have ever seen was them downing the then #1 Creighton. Different sides of the story. Charlotte got a new AD whose agenda was a squeaky clean program. She left Kohl out to dry by asking players to evaluate coach, that led to her so called "revolt." She raised the level of the program by bringing in a puppet that caters to her every whim. Allison has shown what a real coach can do at Furman, while Charlotte drops further and further from the respected program they were back in the day of Heaney, Garcia brothers, et al. In my mind Charlotte is a perfect example of college programs (other than the top that really put emphasis in the program). No problems, win a few games (even a poster defended an up and down record), don't complain, stay in the budget, and most of all, don't embarrass the AD. On Tart's playing record, looks good on paper, that's all I'll say.

    KinleyDog, I hear you loud and clear. Board, don't get me wrong, there are many good college coaches out there, but at some D1's the youth players coming out of the many great programs across the country are at a level well above their coach.

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