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    Aug 8, 2004
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    What do you look for in a good youth Club? Things I think are important include:
    1. Solid Director of Coaching
    2. Qualified coaches
    3. Weekly keeper training
    4. Reasonable costs with fees specifically identified
    5. etc.....
    I ask because I am currently involved with a Club that is not very focused. Would like insight from others as to their experience and what they feel is mandatory in a Club and what other intangibles are important. Club has appro. 175-200 players ages U10-U18 boys and girls. Thanks
  2. furyboy999

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    Oct 16, 2004
    Participate in Highest League possible in Area
    Take only the best Boys and Girls for the team.
    Host tourneys
    Participate in Tournements throughout the U.S, and possibly go to other copuntrys.
    Coaching Certifications National Licenses
    Good Training facility if needed for winter
    Trainer that has participated in Am-Pro Soccer before.
    Coach that still plays.

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    1. Clearly defined philosophy for the club: is it going to compete at only the highest levels? or is it more "developmental" in nature (where developmental means giving lesser skilled kids a chance to play above the rec level). etc.

    2. Solid director of coaching to put that philosophy into place. This individual should have final say over the coach selection.

    3. "Qualified coaches" is obviously preferable. But note that it directly contradicts your point #4. A realistic expectation is that every team will either have a parent coaching or have a parent acting as manager (keeping track of admin details, scheduling in tournaments, etc.). The key issue is when the coach/manager's child is not skilled enough to play at the level the club would like.

    4. Weekly keeper practice is a luxury. I'm familiar with a number of clubs in my area and IIRC none offer this. Quarterly or biyearly keeper camps may be enough. Also many of the ages you are discussing may not have kids just working on being keepers.

    5. Reasonable costs? Well - your points 1, 2, 3 all cost $$. This goes back to defining the club's philosophy.

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