CL = Transfer Kitty???

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by martymarts, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. martymarts

    martymarts Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    After working his gonads off to get me a tictet to the 50/50 game I was walking up to OT with Rick and expressed my fear that we wouldn't be able to win the CL until we moved to AG. My reason being that Highbury was a place where a well organised euro outfit could come and get a point?

    Well, I was reading a post earlier, which said that we needed to advance in the CL because it was our transfer kitty??? So a few minutes ago I was washing the dishes and thinking about the PSV game and that popped back into my head and, along with it, a more esoteric reason why we've been under-performing on the European stage!

    It goes like this; CL progress has been our main source of funds for transfers. Therefore, it stands to reason that the further we go the more cash we'd have for new talent. That being the case, is it possible that consciously or unconsciously some of our players under perform because they fear that success could mean that their days in the 1st team could be numbered?

    I'm just throwing this out to kick around, and clearly it wouldn't apply to the likes of Henry, Campbell and Vieira, but, what does any one think?
  2. fedwood

    fedwood Member

    Sep 13, 2004
    you are saying that some players think if they do well in the CL the club will get more money to replace them
    and that is the reason they are not performing in the CL

    now thats a larf
  3. Bluto11

    Bluto11 The sky is falling!

    May 16, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    its not really a larf. I mean those thoughts could effect their performance. say you are at work and the harder you work the more money the company makes. Since they make more money they decide to fire you and hire someone who is better at your job then you and is more experienced, so they have to pay them more and now have the money to do so because you worked so hard.

    i see the logic, but I do not see this team doing it.
  4. fedwood

    fedwood Member

    Sep 13, 2004
    thats what i mean

    it may make sense but i dont see this current team we have doing it
  5. Bluto11

    Bluto11 The sky is falling!

    May 16, 2003
    Chicago, IL

    i'm sure some psychologist could delve into this deeper and say it might be happening on some sub-conscious level, but i do not see that happening
  6. nicephoras

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    Fucklechester Rangers
    Jul 22, 2001
    Eastern Seaboard of Yo! Semite
    That theory makes far less sense than even you think for several reasons:
    A. If Arsenal goes further, Arsenal has to play better. Thus, the better they play, the less likely they are to be replaced.
    B. If Arsenal isn't getting its transfer kitty from CL progress, there's only one other option - selling underperforming players. If they players don't produce, they'll be the ones who get sold.
    C. Why would this only be true for Arsenal as opposed to all other clubs who can use CL revenue?
  7. martymarts

    martymarts Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    I only threw this thought into the pot as a diversion, but, our position is unique. If you accept that at present there are only 3 English teams that are realistically going to win the CL, no disrespect to the the Pool you got rid of Houllier which is a start but IMHO your injuries completely rule you out, our place at the top tabe is pretty amazing!

    We're unique because what everyone fails to focus on, when analysing our achievements, is how much less cash we have than ManUre and Chavski! We haven't been able to go out and spend big money to replace under performing players. Stability has helped the team, but, has had more to do with the purse strings than the fact that we have the best player for each position across the board. It's no secret that AW likes Rooney and Gerrard and probably would've brought in several other players if cash were no object?

    The closer Ashburton grove gets to completion the closer the prospect of a big cash injection. I'm certain that an injection of £20 - £30 mill, from winning the CL would mean at least 3 new players. My guess would be Lauren, Pires, Lehman and possibily Edu and Ljungberg would be looking over their shoulders and Pennant, Cygan and Aliadiere would be shipped out.
  8. No1ArsenalFan

    No1ArsenalFan New Member

    May 6, 2004
    I sligthly agree with the rest of your statement although not 100% but I don't agree at all with this last bit apart from the Cygan statement. There is no way Aliadiere and Pennant would be shipped out unless they really really want 2 go I can't see Aliadiere wanting this because he would be there or there abouts if he didn't keep getting injured we haven't seen enough of him to comment although what I have seen of him he looks very good and finally as for pennant he is 100% happy but I think wenger will have a chat with him and tell him he is in his plans and he will be there in the next few seasons.

    Oh and how the hell can players like Lauren who has been brilliant so far this season, Pires if you can remember a couple of seasons back before his huge injury his performance then he is getting back to that form slowly he isn't that far away and as for Ljungberg he is in the same position as Pires.

    Edu we need a backup he will not be looking over his shoulder if you look at our situation at the minute in midfield we need him.

    The only other thing I believe is a problem for us in the Arsenal team including Cygan is Calamity Jens they are the only two players that are a problem for us ok.

  9. Rick B

    Rick B Member

    Aug 26, 2003
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Arsenal FC
    Nat'l Team:
    Pennant would be one of the first out. He is good, but certainly not strong enough to play in out first team if we had the money to buy a very good winger. Unfortunatly although I am a huge Aliadiere fan, I fear that his injuries will get the better of him. We can't rely on him and need a replacement.

    Lauren has been supurb. I agree totally. The problem is that there are not many good right backs around at the moment. He has made himself one of the best.
    As for Pires, he's getting old. His pace is going and we need to start looking for a replacement. As for Freddy, I have stated before now that he is our "weak link". His crossing and possesion play is poor, his stepovers wouldn't fool your granny and his runs are anticipated well before he makes them.

    Agree, we are not going to win the CL without strengh in the centre, and with all the injuries at the moment, we need the backup.

    I have had this disagreement time and again with people. Please give me 3 keepers in Europe that have a better record than Lehman have the right experience and are available for our budget constraints.

    Oh and to martymarts - no probs on the Old Trafford ticket, just give me more notice than 3 days next time ok?!!!!! I take it your back in the states and can't go on Wed?
  10. fox point fury

    May 19, 2001

    Frannie Jeffers just read your post and laughed so hard he broke an ankle.

  11. martymarts

    martymarts Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    I think Freddie is to you what Mad Jens is to me! I actually think Freddie is having his swan song at the moment, and plenty of the boys could be following his lead, for passion and commitment. However, if we had the cash to buy RWP from Citeh, his highbury career would be reduced to sitting on the bench and praying for RWP to get injured!

    Yeah Rick, I am unfortunately on the wrong side of the pond at the moment, I tried to give the wife a sob story about stuff I needed to do back home but she didn't buy it; Shame! When I'd've been nicely positioned for Anfield tommorow and OT in the week. I can't even watch the Liverpool game, cos we'll visiting friends in Westchester!!

    As for ManUre, I've got a feeling they'll have a larger sprinkling of 1st teamers than us, on Wed eve. Sir Red Nose will be keen not to repeat the humiliation of The Community Shield and possibility lose his precious 'pyschological advantage'?

    Come on you Gunners!!!
  12. Deschamps10

    Deschamps10 New Member

    Sep 12, 2002
    NYC & Paris
    If you perform and go far into the Champions League and Arsenal does use that money to brush you aside it should of no worry to anyone on the squad. Surely no one wants be to ousted from their club but playing in the CL is pretty much performing on the biggest stage in the world...if you get bummed off for someone else, surely a few good showings in the CL would be your meal ticket to another good club and possibly even bigger wages.

    All in all it shouldn't be a worry. All football comes down to .. you play well you like pants and you're gone.
  13. nicephoras

    nicephoras A very stable genius

    Fucklechester Rangers
    Jul 22, 2001
    Eastern Seaboard of Yo! Semite
    Ah. So clearly you're very different than, say, Valencia, Depor or Liverpool, right? Do you think Liverpool players tank it in Europe too so that they won't be replaced?
  14. martymarts

    martymarts Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    Valencia, Depor and Liverpool are doing pants in their respective leagues. Depor have generally out performed their league/european status in the CL and Valencia usually acquit themselves pretty well too. Arsenal have consistantly underperformed in this comp!

    Liverpool right now are living on past glories and for many years were financilially stronger than Arsenal (don't know if that's still true though?) again because of their phenominal historical success and huge following(pre-EPL). Don't remember the reasons why, but, they failed to capitalise on their dominance when the EPL formed and missed the boat! No one seriously expects them to compete for the CL, which is probably good for them.

    My original thought; while doing the washing-up, was just a discussion provoker. Over all the years we've been qualifying for the CL, AW is the common factor and I guess he's where you have to begin looking for reasons? Just yesterday again I saw someone in the press pointing the finger at his tendancy not to let the boys play their normal style in the CL, and he does seem to get them playing too cautiously in big games, and getting it wrong! FA semi last year against ManUre a case in point!

    The problem is, his thinking is spot on! If they play their normal attacking game against the cream of Europe they'd be taken apart on the counter. I think the Highbury pitch is also a factor (size and excellant quality), but, the longer this poor run goes on the more the psychology of the changing room must be becoming a pivotal factor? It seems pervasive enough to affect newbies as well as old campaigners; the likes of Reyes and Cesc don't seem to fair any better than Titi or PV4? Winning the CL has become the nemesis of this team, along with back to back titles. These seen to be the agreed factors for deciding if this team is worthy of the title 'Great'. But who decided this? Probably Sir Red Nose the slimmy old bar steward!

    Not to take anything away from from the Pool or Forest, but, in their glory days the CL was a straight knockout comp. I reckon this Arsenal team would thrash anything Cloughy could put out and they'd stand tall against the best of Shanks and Paisley as well (that's if Tommy Smith or Graham Souness let em stand at all!). With significantly inferior resources they've stood shoulder to shoulder with ManUre for the whole AW period. So I say the sooner the boys say 'FCUK the CL' the sooner they'll win it!

    Come on you Gunners!!!

    PS I'll also be curious to see the psychological impact of our youth team stuffin it up Sir Red Nose at Old Tramshed on Wed night?

    Come on you Young Guns!!!
  15. PokerNSoccer

    PokerNSoccer New Member

    Sep 29, 2004
    Area 51 Chicago
    CL=Tranfer Kitty

    I remember Keith Edlman or someone one or skysports saying that league placement is what pays the players.Along with sponsorships.
  16. W26 D12 L0

    W26 D12 L0 New Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    The league winners bet about 10-11 million + we get about the same for tv appearances. This money along with the ticket sales pays for the running of the club (player salaries) but the champions league money possibly pays for transfers and puts the club into the black (well maybe not considering the cost of the grove)
    Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't we earn about 18 million from the champions league last season or the season before? - i could find the link for the champions league info

    take a look at this site:

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