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Discussion in 'CONCACAF' started by Wile Coyote, Jul 1, 2005.

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    If the term UGLY and DISGUSTING had a picture in the dictionary to go along with the frase Chuck Blazer sure as hell fits the bill the term and the meaning... How do you present yourself at a FIFA Event looking the way you look... I took one look at you and the first thing that came to mind was Dirt Filth unwashed DISCUSTING in every way.... How do you represent Concacaf looking the way you do.. UNSHAVED and looking like an over weight SLOB... Chuck Blazer has no respect for himself showing up and looking like a paul bunion in a suit...

    Good to see jack warner there as well these 2 low lifes are a joke they changed concacrap into the TFC and the world paid these two jokers no mind and still called it Concacaf and now Concacaf went back to calling it self concacaf... The Club cups are a sad joke with little to no respect at all When mexican clubs would rather play in another confederations cup and could care less about its own confederation events its a sad day and with DC United entering Copa Sudamericana how long until MLS and US Soccer feel the same way as their mexican counter parts..... The gold cup is a sad Friendly cup at these 2 stay as long as they have is really beyond me.....these 2 are complete morons who steal money and waste away getting paid while making their confederation an even bigger joke than it already is....and even if they were voted out the damage is done...

    Chucky boy told blatter that for the next WCQ he wants the #4 spot to playoff vs #5 in Conmebol.......

    What will it take to get these 2 out of concacaf I have said it B-4 that the carribian nations should not have an equal vote how does an island with 3 people living on it has the same voting value as USA Mexico and real nations with real populations....

    In the perfect world Concacaf should be North and central america with 3 spots to WC and the carribian should be the TFC who has to play off with the #4 from concacaf and thats that......
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    Completely agreed. US fans agree with Mexican fans in this regard. CONCACAF has turned into a horrible joke of a confederation that needs to be killed. Here is an article about this from US fans' perspective.

    Both US and Mexico (and maybe Costa Rica) need to push for CONCACAF to be killed. The rest of the countries can play amongst themselves and/or join whatever is left of the Oceania islands confederation.
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    Jan 13, 2005
    this guy is funny :D

    so now southamericans have to qualify to play their own tournament...... :D

    this guy is so much funny :D

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    LOL :D :) pure brilliance :D. i rep this guy from top to bottom.

    our confed is an absolute joke .... this guy pretty much covers it all ......

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