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  1. ball handler

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    Jul 21, 2002
    where can i find more info on their tryouts?
  2. efernandez9

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    Jun 6, 1999
    Joe Pool Lake

    for more info they had an 800#, you can register online now, or call for info about december, do not ask for all in spanish (first test of the try outs, but is ok to find a latino friend to help out)

    2 tryouts options: one for $30 dollars or one for 50.00 dollars.
    elected players will be elegible for chivas USA or chivas GD lower divisions (that is why, initially they want players that speak spanish, later tryouts for the anglos with 'spanish flare')

    1-877 chivas1

  3. efernandez9

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    Jun 6, 1999
    Joe Pool Lake
    marty.....the tryouts are not only for the chivas USD, but as well as for the club in guadalajara

    In the past they held the same format of tryouts to seek prospects for lower divisions, In the USA project will include several tryouts as many other MLS teams have done in the past. The draft will probably provide some players for them also.

    I think Miami fussion....had 80% of the players selected from the draft and the rest from scouting efforts... This new franchise is closing on a gap the new owner feels was there for the so called 'regreted talented spanish player' (born in the usa)

    Lets see if he can find at least 10 players that way, is going to be real hard!
  4. ball handler

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    Jul 21, 2002
  5. greenbill

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    Apr 30, 2003
    York, PA
    If this is really what Vergara intends, then I can see why people on these boards are upset. What about neglected black or asian players??? If they intend to form a team around a certain "style" of play (Latin flair, for example) then I'm all for that. However, if its only focus is Mexican nationalism and Spanish language...well, then that just comes across as somewhat racist. I'm betting they are really trying for the former...not the latter.
  6. efernandez9

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    Jun 6, 1999
    Joe Pool Lake
    (Notimex).- La sede para que la sucursal del club Guadalajara Chivas-USA juege en la Liga de futbol soocer de Estados Unidos, podría ser San Diego a partir de 2005.

    Voceros de Chivas USA informaron hoy que han recibido solicitudes de más de mil aspirantes a formar el plantel del equipo, que se convertirá en una nueva franquicia en la Liga Mayor de Futbol (MLS por siglas en inglés).

    Al través de un comunicado, se anotó que se han recibido más de mil solicitudes en las diversas categorías de 10 a 21 años y que efectuarán otras del 4 al 7 de diiciembre en Houston y del 11 al 14 en Los Angeles.

    Este viernes el comisionado de la MLS, Don Garber, en relación con la expansion de la Liga, confirmó que esta tendrá dos nuevas plazas en la temporada de 2005.

    Con esto echó abajo las declaraciones del dueño del club Guadalajara, Jorge Vergara, en el sentido de que la misma MLS fue la que le sugirióque Chivas USA empezara a jugar en 2004.
    chivas USA will most likely end up in san Diego, vergara had hope to start a team in 2004, over 1000 players already sign up for tryouts

    FEEL FREE TO TRANSLATE. the rumor is that vergara is upset for some miscommunication with MLS, and did not show up to a Press conference in Los angeles last friday (he claimed that his guadalajara team was playing on saturday a decisive game in FMF)
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    Dec 1, 2003
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    United States
    Hello to all my fellow soccer fans. I just signed up and i must sya I am pleased to have found bigsoccer--this is a great place. 28/m nj born in US with latino roots--i love my metrostars and support them (go to a few games every summer) and also like the EPL, Serie A, and follow soccer from Peru (my dad got me into it--lol) Cienciano to win it all in the Copa Sudamericana!!!

    Anyway, you guys asked for a translation for the mexican news article---I will be happy to provide the translation.

    (Notimex) The site for the new Guadalajara expansion club--Chivas USA, which will play in the U.S. soccer league, could be San Diego starting in 2005.

    Official spokesmen for Chivas-USA informed the press today that they have received applications from more than 1000 hopefuls who wish to win a spot on the team which will become a new franchise in the MLS.

    Today's press release went on to reveal that the more than 1000 applicants have covered the broad spectrum of age categories that the organization is seeking to fill-- From children aged 10 years to 21 year old young adults. Tryouts will continue to be held. The next dates are December 4-7 in Houston and December 11-14 in Los Angeles.

    This past Friday MLS Commissioner Don Garber when speaking about MLS expansion, confirmed that the league would have two new teams for the 2005 season.

    With this statement Don Garber put to rest statements from Guadalajara club owner, Jorge Vergara, who had previously said that it had been MLS itself that had suggested that Chivas USA could start playing as early as the 2004 season.
  8. Quaker

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    Apr 19, 2000
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    I was chatting with a friend recently who works at a local retail store. He mentioned a co-worker who used to be a goalkeeper on a U.S. residency youth squad at Bradenton. Apparently, Chivas USA has approached him to try out. "Is he Hispanic," I asked. "Yes," was the reply.
  9. efernandez9

    efernandez9 Member

    Jun 6, 1999
    Joe Pool Lake
  10. garaceg

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    Jun 1, 2004
    You need to know more about Chivas in order to understand what Vergara is trying to acomplish. (Check if you can read spanish, an english version will be created pretty soon)

    Hispanics will be an important piece of the team, but that doesn't mean that only Hispanics or Mexican descent players will be allowed.

    His goal is to win Championships, and the best players will be choosen no matter their race color or cultural background.

    And about the tryouts, they were also intended to bring some Players to the Mexican Chivas team.

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