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Discussion in 'Group E' started by FawcettFan14, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Mar 19, 2004
    I thought this match was the most well played of the first set of games that I saw -- lots of class on both sides of the ball. Germany vs. Brazil was tense and cagey. USA vs. Norway was slow and sloppily played. NZ vs. Japan was high on drama, but the skill level wasn't the highest.

    China played the best I've seen them in some time. The new generation, it seems, is finally emerging. There was not a weak player on the field, and as always, they were technically strong. Han Duan is a pure class up front, and the game winner was superb. I heard somewhere she is nearing 100 goals already, is this true?

    Sweden didn't really deserve to lose, but I'm confident they'll still advance. In comparasin to the US players, the Swedes had more subtleness and poise to their play. Little fakes and hesitations to freeze defenders, simple one touch passing to the open player, long balls that actually have a purpose. It's so easy and yet the US is really struggling with small fundamentals like this. Thunebro (dang, she is fast), Sjogran, Seger, and Schelin all especially impressed.
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    actually Han Duan score her 101 goals vs Sweden :D. China can be happy to got the 3 points coz when you look at the game if sweden didn't waste theire last pass they should have scored more.

    The new generation is good the oldest player is Pu Wei with over 30 but the average is 23 Y/O with only 17 for Liu Jianhui, and too bad the most talented of all Ma Xiaoxu was injury during a stupid useless warm up against USA just 3 days before the OG. NExt Game Sweden shouldn't miss the chance to get the 3 points coz they will be far over the argentina.

    for me China and Sweden and Canada will qualify
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    I agree that this was the best match, although Canada vs. Argentina was a close second (the skill level in that one was surprisingly high on both sides).

    China deserved the win, though. They were by far the better team in the first half and deserved more than a one goal advantage at the midpoint. Sweden didn't play with patience and intelligence (too many hopeful long balls when nothing was on, looking rather like the USA).

    Sweden kept the ball on the ground in the second half, however, and showed a much more effective possession game while mixing in the occasional longer pass.

    Sweden will have to play very well in their last two matches to advance. I suspect that will prove to be just beyond them.
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    160 appearences for steel roses and 101 goals
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    I saw the first half - I agree, very classy level of play.

    (Didn't notice Nilla Fischer much though - I thought she was supposed to be quite the destroyer in the midfield.)
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    My wrap up, which agrees more or less with everything said here already, as it turned out.

    A funny thing about Fischer. You don't see her much, during games. Odd, for such a big player.
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    Mar 17, 2006
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    Maxiaoxv's injured is very important!!

    yes, Handuan got 101goals in the national teams.

    but many of them were kicked in asian games.she needs more clever...

    Sun is the best forwards in china....anytime .noone

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