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Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by hartley, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. hartley

    hartley Member

    A Carling Cup Match. We have got to be on better form for this. It is fortunately a home match so we should be awake.


    Young Perry El K HH

    Lisbie Holland Murphy Rommedahl

    Jeffers Euell

    Subs: Andersen, Fortune, Thomas, Bartlett, Sam

    If Jeffers doesn't start, Curbs is mad. C'mon you Addicks, win!
  2. kevruth

    kevruth Member

    May 30, 2001
    Perrysburg, Ohio, US
    Well, based upon the clubs form in the last match and the fact that Palace is on a roll, I'm going to have to be a bit negative here: Palace 2, Charlton 0.

    I think Curbs will make matters worse by making massive changes to the squad because of the outcome at Anfield. Tinkering will get them kicked out of this cup.

    If Rommedahl starts, I doubt if Curbs paid much attention to the Newcastle match where Dennis played the best on the right only to be switched to the left for the second half and then his game when south real fast. I been on some forums and websites in London and they are complaining that Dennis is right winger and should be played there.

    All in all, I hope I'm wrong on this......
  3. hartley

    hartley Member

    Okay, when will Curbs wake up and put his players in the best positions to succeed?

    Rommedahl is a right wing.

    Lisbie's passing ability and defense could be better used on the left wing.

    Jeffers needs playing time to make an impact. He has to be on from the start.

    Euell brings a calm to the pitch that no other Addick does at this point. He should team with Jeffers. With Murphy in the middle, Euell should go back to being a striker and holder.

    If Lisbie cannot play on the left wing, then Thomas needs to be given a shot at the spot. Sorry, Graham Stuart, you aren't cutting it game in and game out. Against the bigger clubs, Stuart is composed but slow. We need the speed match of Rommedahl out on the left.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Addicks 2 - 0 Crystal Palace

    Go Addicks!
  4. hartley

    hartley Member

    Today's actual lineup:

    Dean Kiely, Jonathan Fortune, Hermann Hreidarsson, Chris Perry, Luke Young, Matthew Holland, Danny Murphy, Graham Stuart, Francis Jeffers, Kevin Lisbie, Jerome Thomas

    Subs: Stephan Andersen, Talal El Karkouri, Bryan Hughes, Jonatan Johansson, Jason Euell

    Wow! Surprise start for Thomas. Rommedahl not even on the bench.

    Great that Jeffers is starting.
  5. hartley

    hartley Member

    That's more like it. A great start on the wet pitch. Murphy's second corner headed in by the big HH in the early minutes.
  6. hartley

    hartley Member

    Palace equlizes. They have really been pressing us. And we let them in.

    When will we learn to keep the pressure on and put a game away.

    Palace has worked hard and got a goal. The Addicks need to really work it now and take the lead.

    Thomas looking lively. But no finishing as of yet.

    Sloppy in the midfield. Murphy must not like the wet weather. He seems to be slow again. Maybe Euell should come on for Murphy and put some life and bite into our midfield? Of course, having Murphy on for corners and free kicks is still a good thing.
  7. hartley

    hartley Member

    1-1 at half. A little disappointing. We had our chances to put it away there in the first 15 minutes or so.

    Curbs better get the boys on fire for the second half. Let's get two goals in the second half!

    Go you Addicks! Go! Score!
  8. hartley

    hartley Member

    Palance up 2-1. I missed it. Busy at work.

    Now I'm down. Can we get back in this? Or is this more bad luck in cup competition?

    Let's go Charlton!

    Fight back and win.

    Is Murphy doing anything? If not, get him off and get Euell on and bite back.
  9. hartley

    hartley Member

    As I thought. Euell on for Murphy.

    Now, Jason get on with it. Also Jeffers needs to get to work and show us something. Come on!
  10. hartley

    hartley Member

    HH booked along with an Eagle.

    JJ on for Stuart.

    Jeffers misses at close range. Charlton pressing Palace back into their own box.

    The announcers sound like they are for Palace.

    Go Addicks!
  11. hartley

    hartley Member

    Someone sent off for Palace.

    Charlton need to keep on the pressure and equalize at least.

    Less than 20 minutes left.

    We keep putting it right on the keeper.
  12. hartley

    hartley Member

    Torghelle, the scorer of the second Palace goal, was sent off. Don't know why. I missed it.

    Palace is down to ten men. And Charlton trying to keep on the pressure.
  13. stevetrash

    stevetrash New Member

    Apr 11, 2001
    thanks for the updates, can't listen at work...

    nice to see Thomas playing, go Addicks!!
  14. hartley

    hartley Member

    I can't continue to listen. Work and nerves.
  15. hartley

    hartley Member

    Over. Palace continues our misery.

    We have no confidence. We give up too easy.

    What to do?

    We had a great start and kept it up for the first 20 minutes. Then went downhill from there.

    Palace derserved the win. We deserved the loss.

    I'm to receive my Charlton shirt this weekend. And I'm wondering whether to wear it. I'm dejected like the squad.

    And we have Boro on Saturday.
  16. stevetrash

    stevetrash New Member

    Apr 11, 2001
    hopefully Curbs brings in the psychologist, losing to Palace of all teams at home with a full-strength squad is really unacceptable.

    and depressing. :(
  17. doug001001

    doug001001 Member

    Aug 20, 2003
    Chicago Fire
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    the shirt will be a bit wrinkled from the long journey.. so maybe don't iron it to show your disgust?
  18. kevruth

    kevruth Member

    May 30, 2001
    Perrysburg, Ohio, US
    This match was worse than the final score. Palace made 10 changes to their starting lineup from the one that won on Saturday with Dowie stating that he was more concerned with keeping them in the Premiership than competing in cups.

    I don't know what this club has to do. Thomas had an excellent match considering how critical I've been of everyone begging for him to play. Other than Hreidarsson no one else did anything.

    If you listened to the commentary you heard Billy Bonds make the comment that when Kevin Lisbie fouled up a perfectly good chance saying, "Typical Kevin Lisbie, he is such a frustrating player" referring to his inability to do the right thing in the end. And I thought it was just me. Why does Curbs continue to give this guy a chance?

    This would have been a good chance to have played Rommedahl on the right. Of course, we know he'd rather play someone else. How's this guy ever going to settle even into left wing if he doesn't play.

    I just heard a joke on TalkSport that goes like this: What's the difference between the #49 Bus and Charlton Athletic? The #49 Bus goes past Crystal Palace.

    One final note from the match, Brian Cole, The Valley's pitchside announcer, was fired after the match when he announced Palace as PalARSE. Not a very smart move on his part.
    And our soap opera goes on ......

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