Charlton v. Chelsea [r]

Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by hartley, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. hartley

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    Looks like Perry will definitely be out for this one. The talk is that Fortune will take his spot. But here's the lineup I would play [4-5-1]:


    Young - El K - HH - Konchesky

    Kishishev - Murphy - Holland

    JJ - Thomas


    Subs: Andersen, Fortune, Euell, Jeffers, Lisbie.

    If Murphy doesn't show up in the first half, bring on Euell. If JJ's touch is bad again, bring on Jeffers. If Bartlett can't get it done, bring on Lisbie.
  2. hartley

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    Okay, I have completely changed my mind. Go back to a 4-4-2 and put some speed on the field.


    Young - El K - HH - Konchesky

    Kishishev - Holland - Murphy - Thomas

    Rommedahl - Jeffers

    Subs: Andersen, Fortune, Euell, JJ, Bartlett

    Bring Fortune on late, move HH out wide on the back line, and Konchesky moves up with Thomas going off. Euell on for Murphy. JJ on for Kishishev.

    It won't happen. Curbs will be too conservative to beat the big teams on a regular basis.
  3. hartley

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    Considering Curbs' experience with Rommedahl, I hope he understands that he must have someone on the outside that will make Robben play some defense also. For all his great offensive skills, I wonder how well he plays defense. I don't he has had to think about it since joining the blues. We should attack on the side where he lines up.

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    what happened? i was out in vegas and only saw the scoreline..

    yikes.. 0-4 at the valley..

    Not sure I even want to try and watch a replay if there is one..
  5. hartley

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    don't waste time watching. we gave up the early goal, then tried to get back in the match. but chelsea kept us locked out. more of the same in the second half except for the part where we tried. we lost our hearts after that quick barrage.

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