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    May 14, 2006
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    Gotta Love the Brits:

    Stick your pasties up you're a***"
    Watford fans to Plymouth. (Kristian Melson, England).

    "You dirty northern b******s!"
    Plymouth fans whenever a Watford player committed a foul. (Beverley Diamond, England).
    "One ball! You've only got one ball!"
    Chant from Morton supporters after they refused to give back four of the five balls being used by the Stirling subs at half-time. (John Montgomery, Scotland).
    "You'll support Man U next year!"
    Spurs fans singing to their 'fickle' Chelsea counterparts. (Joe Duane, England).
    [​IMG] Jamie who?

    "There's only one Jamie Oliver!"
    Cardiff fans to Delia Smith's Norwich. (Haydn, South Wales).
    "Kenny Deuchar, Whoaoah, Kenny Deucahr, Whoaoah. He signed from Gretna Green, He is a goal machine."
    New chant at Northampton Town. (Stewart Dee, UK).
    "It's free, and you're stood outside!"
    Torquay fans to a bunch of Accrington Stanley fans who were stood outside the ground watching the match when it was free entry. (Ben Brace, England).
    "Are you Wombles in disguise?"
    Peterborough fans as Posh beat MK Dons (formerly known as Wimbledon) 4-0. (Paul, UK).
    "Back to school on Monday, back to school on Monday, na na na na."
    Wigan fans' retort to a bunch of young Fulham fans singing at them. (John, Wigan).
    "Stick your bow and arrow up your a***!"
    Gillingham fans tell Forest what they think about their famous archer. (Steven Bryant, England). Barnet-Stockport banter as the Bees ended Stockport's unbeaten run:
    Barnet: "You can stick your record up your a***!"
    Stockport: "We've got more fans than you."
    Barnet: "We've got more goals than you."
    Stockport: "We've got more points than you."
    Barnet: "3-1, even Hatchy scored." (John, Barnet).
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    Joe, That is hysterical. LMAO, What we do in the Hinchada is lame compared to some of that..
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    Jan 27, 2006
    in the best MLS town
    Pretty funny .David our Hinchada songs will "grow" ,just give it a little bit more time .
    We achieved a lot the last 12 months .
    Seppl , didn't know they play futbol on that island .... :rolleyes:
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    May 14, 2006
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    "Stokesy, Stokesy, what's the time?"
    Sunderland fans to Anthony Stokes at the Stoke game (he was late for the Barnsley game and subsequently dropped). Lee Jones, UK

    Man United fans leap to the defence of Argentine Gabriel Heinze who had just been pushed over by Middlesbrough's Brazilian midfielder Fabio Rochemback. (Sea Bass, England).

    "Where's ya caravan?"
    Leeds fans to Luton's Scandinavian striker Bjorn Runstrom, who has long hair. (Jack Dickinson, UK).

    "Shall we catch the ball for you?"
    Scotland cricket fans in the World Cup match with the Netherlands after first slip dropped a catch early on and it raced to the boundary. (Chris Lawton, England).

    "Sit down potato head."
    West Brom fans to Birmingham boss Steve Bruce. (Sam, UK).
    "England's number nine!"
    Spurs fans after Paul Robinson scored with a 90-yard free kick against Watford. (Alfie, UK).

    "We're off to Wembley - you're off to Burnley."
    Blackburn fans to West Ham. (Mark Davies, England).

    "You can shove your ******* railway up your a***!"
    Bristol City fans singing to Crewe fans at Gresty Road. (Chris, Bristol).

    "Where's the ****** with the bell?"
    Reading fans taunting Pompey's infamous bell man.
    "There's the ****** with the bell!"
    Reading fans when the bell man surfaced 20 minutes later. (Alex, England).
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    May 14, 2006
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    This weeks edition:

    (In the tune of Here We Go)
    "Niall Quinn's disco pants are the best, they go up from his a*** to his chest, they're better than Adam and the Ants, Niall Quinn's disco pants!"
    The cult chant that got Sunderland fans kicked off their flight.

    "Shall we score a goal for you?"
    Scotland fans direct their melodies towards the English. (Andy, Scotland)

    "Deep fry your pizza, we're gonna deep fry your pizza."
    More Scottish fans get in on the act as they sing to Italian fans on O'Connell Street in Dublin. (David, Ireland).

    "We're sitting down! We're standing up! We're sitting down! We're standing up!"
    Man City fans on being told to sit down by stewards. (David, UK).
    "It's like Highbury, it's like Highbury, it's like Highbury at The Lane."
    Chelsea fans chanting during their FA Cup replay to the tune of 'We are Tottenham from The Lane' before half-time following the lack of noise in the Spurs end. (DG, UK).
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    May 14, 2006
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    Today's edition:

    "Does your whippet know you're here?"
    Bristol Rovers fans to their Doncaster counterparts. (Tom Byfield, England).

    [​IMG] Now you see him...

    "Where's your statue gone?"
    Sung by Wolves fans to Southampton fans after Saints were forced to pull down an embarasssingly out of proportion tribute to Ted Bates. (Joey, UK).

    "They try to take the ball past Nyron, he says no, no, no!"
    Sunderland fans' new chant about Nyron Nosworthy, based on the Amy Winehouse song, Rehab. (Josh Cawley, England).

    "One leg! He only needs one leg!"
    At Craven Cottage, after Ian Pearce had shrugged off a bad foot injury to score Fulham's equaliser. (Chris Jones, England).

    "McSheffrey, whoah-oh-oh. McSheffrey, whoah-oh-oh. He comes from Coventry...he's better than Henry!"
    Birmingham City fans taunt Coventry counterparts after their 3-0 win. (Arun V, England).

    "Are you Burnley in disguise?!"
    Group of stunned Burnley supporters after going 4-0 up against Plymouth following 18 games without a win. (Ricky, England).

    "What the f*** is going on?!"
    Burnley fans are still having trouble taking it all in. (Sean, UK).

    "Niall Quinn's taxi cabs are the best,
    So shove it up your **** Easyjet,
    Fat Freddie wouldn't do it for the Mags,
    Niall Quinn's taxi cabs!"
    Sung by Sunderland supporters after Quinny spent £8,000 on taxis for stranded fans. (Michael Coverdale, USA).

    "We're gonna win 7-6..."
    Wolves fans, with five minutes to go, keep the faith as they trail 6-0 at home to Southampton. (Ed, England).

    "Whats that coming over the hill? It's relegation, it's relegation!"
    Colchester fans taunting rivals Southend During their 3 0 drubbing. (Chris Morgan, England). nb. Colchester sang the same song to Leeds three days later (Chris Petty, UK).

    "Take your gloves off for the lads."
    Hereford fans to Swindon's Sofine Zaaboub. On a blazing hot day when players were stopping frequently for drinks, he was possibly the only player in the country to be wearing gloves! (David Tingle, England).

    "What shall we do with a drunken sailor?"
    Irish fans to Freddie Flintoff at the Cricket World Cup. (Fuzzy, Ireland).

    "One shot, we only had one shot!"
    West Ham fans to arsenal after somehow sneaking a 1-0 win. (Uwais Patel, Blackburn).

    "He's big, He's Dane, He's got a famous name, Kasper Schmeichel, Kasper Schmeichel."
    Falkirk Fans on Kasper Schmeichel. (Daryl, Scotland).

    "Bring out the wee cup!"
    Hearts fans goading the Hibs fans who were waiting for the parading of the League Cup after Hearts won the Edinburgh Derby. (Ross Lister, Scotland).
    "We're worse than England!"
    Palace Fans during game against Sheffield Wednesday when they were down 1-0.
    "We're better Than Brazil!"
    After equalising against Wednesday.
    "We're worse than England!"
    After letting in a late goal. (Isaac Fanin, England).
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    May 14, 2006
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    This week from the other side of the Pond.

    "We're s*** and we're beating you."
    Southend fans to Preston counterparts. (David, England).

    "Four goals! We only want four goals!"
    Spurs fans at beginning of second half against Sevilla, who were 2-0 up, leaving Tottenham needing four to win. (Joe Dua).

    [​IMG] It's better than watching the Palace

    "We want the National!"
    Palace fans during game with Wolves at Selhurst Park when the Grand National was put on the big screens for a few seconds and then taken off. (Henry Randell, England).

    "Cedric Cedric show us Uras."
    Falkirk fans to defender Cedric Uras. (Callum Hunter, Scotland).

    "3-0, and we're s*** away."
    Exeter City fans to Crawley fans during the Grecians' 3-0 triumph at Broadfield Stadium. (Olly, England).

    "What's it like to be non-league?!"
    Sung by Dagenham & Redbridge fans to Aldershot after going 1-0 up in the game that they clinched promotion to the Football League. (James Ainsworth, England).
    "Going down, going down going down!"
    Ipswich fans to Barnsley when they led 2-0.
    "Staying up, staying up, staying up!"
    Barnsley fans when they pulled a goal back with 10 minutes to go.
    "Cheerio, cheerio cheerio!"
    Ipswich fans to Barnsley after going 5-1 up. (Maddie Britton, England).

    "He plays on the left, he plays on the right, that boy Ronaldo made England look s***e!"
    Manchester United fans repeatedly singing in the 7-1 thrashing of Roma. (Amman Ayub, High Wycombe, England).

    "One Song, we've only got one Song!"
    Charlton fans about Alexandre Song. (Michael Gormley, England).
    "You can stick your Fiat Punto up your a***!"
    Scotland fans at Italy v Scotland. (Dave, Glasgow).
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    May 14, 2006
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    This weeks edition. Careful, graphic supporters pic incuded. :eek:

    "Is that all you take away?"
    St Albans City fans at home to Oxford United. Around 1,600 of the 1,800 fans were supporting Oxford! (Jamerico Humos, UK)

    "We've lost 3,000 fans!"
    Sung by Dagenham & Redbridge supporters after getting attendances of over 4,000 for the promotion-clincher against Aldershot and just 1500 for the next home game. (Michael, England).

    [​IMG] Did someone say fat?

    "We're fat, but we're not that fat!"
    Topless Rotherham fans to a legendary but overweight Yeovil steward. (Matt, Rotherham).

    "You're only here for a sun-tan."
    Sung by Linfield fans to Glentoran at The Oval, directed at the fans lying on the hill on a beautiful day in East Belfast. (Craig Buchanan, Northern Ireland).
    "Going down, going down, going down."
    Middlesbrough fans to West Ham when they trailed 2-0.

    "2-0 to the Championship!"
    West Ham's reply. (Charlie, England).

    "Who needs Shev-chen-ko, we got Nar-diel-lo."
    Barnsley chant v Crystal Palace. (Steven Duke, England).

    "All your fans and Smithy too, have all *****d of to watch Man U!"
    Burnley fans singing to Leeds. (Jacque, England).

    "We're gonna deep-fry your pizzas."
    Scotland fans at Italy v Scotland. (Rod Fraser, UAE).

    "We dont give a ****, we're staying up!"
    Sheffield United fans' chant when Man Utd scored to make it 1-0 and then 2-0. (David Hughes, England).

    "You dirty northern *******s!"
    Torquay fans to Swindon after a bad tackle. It was the first time in my life I'd been called that. The whole County Ground started laughing and clapping. (Darren Lee, England).

    Bristol City fans: "Everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, and where we come from..."
    Carlisle United fans: "WALES!" (Jon McGuckin, England).
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    May 14, 2006
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    and this week from Merry Ole Inglaterra:

    "You're not famous any more!"
    Northampton fans to Oldham. This surprised most Oldham fans as we didn't realise that we'd ever been famous! (Peter Howard, UK).

    "You're not rapping any more!"
    Bristol City fans to a Carlisle steward who was a dead ringer for Eminem. (Chris Giles, Bristol).

    "You're not champions any more."
    Newcastle fans singing to the Chelsea fans after holding them to a 0-0 draw. (Michael Carr, England).

    "We won it 2 times, we won it 2 ti-iimes, Auto Windscreens we won it 2 times!"
    Wigan fans respond to Liverpool's "We won it 5 times" chants. (Richard, Ireland).

    [​IMG] All aboard for Exeter

    "You're going home in a combine Harvester."
    Stevenage fans to their Exeter Counterparts. (Matt, UK).

    "Who needs Mourinho, we've got Dave Brindleyoo."
    Vine Inn Utd players to manager David Brindley after winning the Gainsborough League on Sunday. (Richard Perry, England).

    "You're going down with the Latics!"
    Shouted by Wigan Warriors fans at the bottom-placed Salford v Wigan match. The Latics being Wigan FC. (Kate, England).

    "We hate Cockneys and we hate Cockneys...."
    Middlesbrough fans to their Manchester United counterparts at Old Trafford. (Anon).

    "Wise, Wise, whatever have you done? You've taken Leeds to Division One. You won't win a cup, you won't win a shield, your biggest game will be Huddersfield."
    To the tune of Lord of the Dance. Barnsley fans v Leicester City. (Tom Knowles, England).

    "You're not fit to wash his car!"
    Stoke fans to a Colchester player during Saturday's match at the Britannia. Lee Hendrie allegedly asked a Colchester player if he would like to wash his Ferrari in the two sides' meeting earlier in the season. (Dave, England).

    "You're just a bus stop in Aston."
    Wolves fan to Birmingham fans at Sunday's game. (David G, England).
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    May 14, 2006
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    A bit late this week as I am spending time outside my natural habitat!

    "Taxi for Roeder!"
    Newcastle fans to Glenn Roeder after they lost 2-0 at home to Blackburn. Roeder's taxi out of Toon duly arrived the following day. (Davy, Newcastle).

    "You're supposed to be at home!"
    Warrington Wolves fans to Salford at the Reds' 'home' fixture at the Millennium Stadium as part of 'Millennium Magic'. (Claire H, England).

    "Stick the rugby, stick the rugby, stick the rugby up your a***."
    West Ham fans at Wigan v West Ham. When the same chant was continued by the home fans, the Hammers seemed bemused! (Robert, Wigan).

    "Who's the midget in the suit?"
    West Ham fans to Sammy Lee during the 3-1 defeat of Bolton at Upton Park. (WHUFC 4 LIFE, London).

    [​IMG] Who're you calling short?

    "We're going up with the Swindon!"
    Walsall fans at Swindon when both teams were promoted. (David Hickman, England).

    "Were going down with the Hammers!"
    Sung by Wigan fans during the awful performance against West Ham. (Martin Gaskell, England).

    ''Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe here we come!''
    Spirited Charlton fans after going 4-1 down at Blackburn. (Henry Baker, London).

    "Hes got a dead fox on his head!"
    Sheffield Wednesday's chant to a Birmingham steward who had a ginger ponytail. (James , England).

    "Steve Dobbie, Dobbie, we don't care if your overweight, your finishing's ****ing great, Steve Dobbie, Dobbie."
    Queen of the South fans to fans' favourite Stephen Dobbie. (Luke Leslie, Scotland).

    "We survived an Earthquake!"
    Folkestone Invicta fans To the tune of "I Predict A Riot" by the Kaiser Chiefs following the recent earthquake in Folkestone. (Folkestone Invicta fan, UK).

    Leyton Orient v Forest:
    Leyton fans: "You're not famous anymore!"
    Forest comeback: "You're not famous anyway!"
    (Chris Frost, UK).


    [​IMG] Does what it says on the flag

    "For those of you watching in blue and white: this is what the European Cup looks like."
    On a banner with the picture of the Champions League trophy at Liverpool v Chelsea. (Browny, England).
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    May 14, 2006
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    And as the EPL is finished except for the Legal Wrangling over the Hammer's Transfers!!

    "We Want Our Money Back!"
    Newcastle fans when Michael Owen went down injured against Watford. (Gavin Tokhai, Watford).

    "You're not special anymore!"
    Manchester United fans to Jose Mourinho during the Premiership clash at Chelsea. (John Davies, UK).

    Reading fans: "Europe on Thursday nights!"
    Watford fans: "Scunthorpe on Tuesday nights!" (Stephen Fletcher, England).

    "Your dad is a cucumber!"
    Sung to the Colchester United goalkeeper Dean Gerken by Crystal Palace fans. (Sam Matthews, England).

    [​IMG] Where's yer Gerken gone?

    "You should have stayed in a burger!"
    Palace fans to Gerken after Colchester went 2-0 down. (Palace 4 Life, England).

    "Sebo's on, we're takin' the p***!"
    Rangers fans chant after introducing the misfiring striker Filip Sebo when 2-0 up against Celtic. (Murray Douglas, Scotland).

    "Theres only one Gary Johnson."
    As sung by the great man himself after Bristol City clinched promotion. (Daniel Thomas, Birmingham).

    "You're just a small town in Norway."
    Plymouth Argyle fans away at Hull City. (Damien Allmark, UK).

    "All we are singing is give us our sheep!"
    Cardiff fans to the Ipswich police after losing our inflatable into the home end. (Andi Morris, Cardiff).

    "Who are ya?"
    Macclesfield fans to their player-manager, former England captain Paul Ince, when he came on as a late substitute in their League Two survival clash with Notts County. (Phil Hopton, England).

    "The football league, is upside down
    The football league is upside down
    We're going up with the Rotherham
    The football league is upside down."
    Brentford fans away at Tranmere. (Jack Smith, UK).

    "We're going down in a minute" and "Always look on the bright side of life."
    Charlton fans display some gallows humour. (Matt Chitty, UK).

    "Li-ver-pool, Li-ver-pool!"
    Sung by the Arsenal fans during the match with Chelsea on Sunday. (Jon Davies, UK).

    "What time's your minibus?"
    Spurs fans to the few Blackburn supporters who made the trip to London on Thursday night. (Martin Dossett, England).

    ''Earnshaw's an alien."
    Chant sung by Ipswich fans to Cardiff City - once home of the Norwich striker. (Daniel, England).

    [​IMG] Just get it away from me!

    "You're scared of celery!"
    Chelsea fans to Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal on Sunday - referring to the Carling Cup final when he was pelted with several sticks of the green stuff. ( Zoe, London, UK).

    Leeds fans: "Top of the league and you *****d it up."
    Derby fans: "Championship and you *****d it up!" (Rehan Khalid, England).
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    May 14, 2006
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    And now that all is said and done in Merry Ole England:

    "Where were Sky when we were s***?"
    Bristol Rovers fans to the Sky Sports presenters at Sincil Bank, Lincoln. (Adam Hosking, Bristol).

    "Wembley, Wembley, we're the famous Leeds United and we're off to win some paint!"
    Leeds fans, relegated to League One and facing the prospect of entering the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. (Ben Rogers, England).

    [​IMG] At least it was a nice day

    "You only came for the weather!"
    Derby fans after beating Southampton on penalties to reach the Championship play-off final in torrential rain at Pride Park. (Nathan Rees, UK).

    "Stand up if ur 'Ull City.... sit down if ur 'Ull City!"
    (The words to the song were quickly changed when no City fans stood up). (Anon, UK).

    "FA Cup? You're 'avin a laugh!"
    A chant at Lord's on Cup final day. (George Quin, England).

    "Same old Leicester, always cheating."
    Sung by the Gloucester fans after an early Leicester infringement in the play-off final at Twickenham.
    "Same old Leicester, always scoring!"
    Sung by the same Gloucester fans after Leicester scored their sixth try. (Richard O'Hara, UK).

    "You're not singing anymore!"
    AFC Totton fans after they took the lead at Wembley during the FA Vase Final.
    "We weren't singing anyway!"
    Truro fans' response. (Steve, UK).

    "Jose's dog is innocent!"
    Spotted at the FA Cup final. (Steve Laing, England).
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    May 14, 2006
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    For Rey and all the EPL Lovers, since they are about to get started here is the first one for the 07/08 Season:

    "You're not singing anymore!"
    At Sunday's Arctic Monkeys gig, when the band stopped playing due to a technical fault. (Adam Wright, Llandrindod Wells, Wales).

    "1-0 and you still can't swim!"
    Sung by Newcastle fans at their friendly game against Hull, along with "Where's your wellies gone?" (Thomas Howie, New York).

    "Shoes off, if you hate Ken Bates."
    Leeds fans during a pre-season friendly against Burnley. (Sealy, England).

    "Colgan, Colgan, show us a save!"
    Heard at the recent Barnsley-Wigan friendly. I think Tykes fans might want a new keeper! (Jake, Barnsley).

    "What did you call Zidane?"
    Sung at the Emirates Cup by Arsenal fans to Marco Materazzi. (Dom Gale, England).

    [​IMG] Bean there, done that

    "Where's your jelly beans?"
    Sung by India fans on the boundary at Trent Bridge as Pietersen took up his fielding position nearby. (A Butcher, England).

    "How does it feel to paddle home?"
    Queen of the South supporters chant to the Carlisle fans during a pre-season friendly after the floods that left Carlisle submerged two years ago. (Luke Leslie, Dumfries, Scotland).

    "You fat b******!"
    Chelsea fans to Wayne Rooney at the Community Shield. (Johnny, UK).

    "We're Dragons 'til tonight, We're Dragons 'til tonight. We know we are, we're sure we are, we're Dragons 'til tonight!"
    Warrington Wolves fans at the Wigan Warriors v Catalan Dragons game at their home ground, the Halliwell Jones Stadium. (Oliver Judson, Warrington, England).

    "Robbie Fowler's magic, he's got a cracking shot.
    And when he signed for Cardiff, he said 'I'm buying Splott'.
    He bought up half the valleys and all the Gurnos too.
    And 40 thousand bluebirds said 'I'm gonna live with you'."
    Fowler's new song at Cardiff! (Boothy, Wales).

    Spider-Hig, Spider-Hig,
    Does whatever a Spider-Hig does,
    Can he score goals galore?
    Yes, he can
    He's the man - LOOK OUT!!
    He is a Spider-Hig.
    Falkirk fans' song to new striker, Michael Higdon, after his debut double against Gretna. In a Simpsons Movie tribute-stylee. (Fraser Bloy, Grangemouth, Scotland). Scans beautifully! Ed.
    "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!" and "You fat B******!"
    Man City fans to Ricky Hatton at the Man City v Valencia friendly. Fortunately Ricky saw the funny side! (Carlo Marson, England).
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    May 14, 2006
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    And here they go:

    "Santa Cruz is coming to town!"
    Blackburn fans welcome new striker Roque Santa Cruz. (Mark, England).

    "Easy! Easy!"
    Reading fans celebrate after their opening-day draw at Old Trafford. (Stuart, Reading).

    "The referee's a steward!"
    Sung by both Reading and Brighton fans as the official was forced to wear a bib due to Reading's black kit. (Tom, England).

    "Are you stewards in disguise?"
    Manchester United fans to all the Chelsea fans in their new day-glo away shirts in the Community Shield. (Alfred Jordan, United Kingdom).

    "Bring on the Spice Girls."
    Toronto FC fans as David Beckham's LA Galaxy made their substitutes. (G Goose, Canada).
    [​IMG] Coming on for the Galaxy...Old Spice

    "I predict a diet!"
    Sung by Spurs fans to a particularly rotund Torino fan in a recent friendly at the Lane. (Adam Cousins, England).

    A little bit of Collins in our lives
    A little bit of Kightly down the sides
    A little bit of Keogh's what we need
    A little bit of Jarvis with his speed
    A little bit of Breeny in defence
    A little bit of Murray he's immense
    A little bit of cheering from the fans
    A little bit of McCarthy he's our man!
    Sung by Wolves fans v Reading. (Jack, England).

    "There's only one Carlos Tevez."
    Forest fans to their Sheffield United counterparts during the recent friendly. (Michael Jones, Nottingham).

    "Stand up if you hate West Ham."
    Sung by Blades fans at the opening match of the season. (Claire Rhodes, Kettering).

    "Monty is an Indian, Monty is an, la, la, la, la!"
    Sung by India fans to Monty Panesar at Trent Bridge. (Kab Bains, England).

    "We're going to win the league!"
    Optimistic Leeds fans after their opening-day win at Tranmere. Another four in a row and they'll reach the giddy heights of nil points. (John, UK).

    "You're just a bus-stop in Surrey."
    Preston fans not quite grasping the concept of local geography when chanting to Norwich City fans on the opening day of the new season. (Sam Clark, England).

    "Do you work at B&Q?"
    Sung by Leicester fans as they met orange-clad Blackpool in their opening fixture. (James Flynn, England).


    "We sing better than your wife."
    DC United fans have a dig at David Beckham during the LA Galaxy game. (John McKelvie, Scotland).

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    May 14, 2006
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    This week from across the sea, Huddersfield got a little wet against Blackpool:

    One Sauce - you've only got one sauce!"
    Bath fans to Worcester Warriors at the Middlesex 7s. (Freddiesworder).

    "Boom boom boom, everybody say Mayo... Mayooo."
    Notts County fans to new signing Paul Mayo. (Adam Sutherland, England).

    "There's only one 'f' in Eifion."
    Sung by Wrexham fans when substitute Eifion Williams was warming up. (Jack Colohan, Wales).

    "You only sing when you're at weddings."
    Hibs fans to their Gretna counterparts. (Jamie, Scotland).

    "Twelve more points to go, until we get to zero!"
    Leeds fans at Tranmere after their 2-1 win took them to -12. (Lee S, England).

    "You're camp and you know you are!"
    Sung to QPR goalkeeper Lee Camp by Leyton Orient fans. (Ross Mitchell, England).

    "Blackpool, Blackpool give us a roof!"
    Huddersfield Town fans while getting drenched in the uncovered seating area designated to the away fans. (Will Triner, England).

    "Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry!"
    Fulham fans to Arsenal whenever they missed a chance.
    "Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry!"
    Arsenal fans when they took the lead. (Daniel, England).

    "You're not famous anymore!" !"
    Hearts fans to Aberdeen fans.
    "You're not Scottish anymore!"
    Aberdeen fans' response. (David, Scotland).

    "We hate Villa more than you!"
    Sung by Birmingham fans to other Birmingham fans a few rows down at Stamford Bridge. (Daniel Padian, England).

    "Who's the Scouser in the black?"
    Aston Villa fans after Mike Riley awarded Steven Gerrard a free kick. (Jonathan Thompson, England).

    "I'm forever blowing bubbles."
    Sheffield Wednesday fans can't resist having a dig at the Blades during the Carling Cup tie away at Rotherham. (Peter Hubbard, England).

    "England's Number One!"
    Norwich fans' chants to the Barnet keeper after 30 minutes, with the Bees 5-0 down! (Chris M, UK).

    "We've got the whole world in our team!"
    Chant by the Barmy Army when Kevin Pietersen was batting at The Oval. (Hassan, England).
    "Away in a manger
    No crib for a bed
    The little Lord Jesus
    Laid down his sweet head
    The stars in the bright sky
    Looked down where...
    Hea-lay, Hea-lay, Hea-lay!"
    Fulham fans to their new star striker David Healy. (D Allen, UK).
  16. Offebacher

    Offebacher Member

    May 14, 2006
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Check out the Stadium Announcement at the bottom:

    We're gonna win 7-6! We're gonna win 7-6!"
    Chanted by Derby fans during their demolition by Liverpool. (Gary, England).

    "Eriksson wins with video stars"
    City fans at the Manchester derby sing to the tune of Buggles 'Video Killed the Radio Star'. (Jon Thorne, England).

    "What time's your Easyjet?"
    Arsenal chant at home to Sparta Prague fans at the end of 3-0 win. (Katie, England).

    [​IMG] Watford fans had a fun day out until they went to the football!

    ''Toulouse! You lose!!''
    Liverpool fans chant at Toulouse fans after winning 4-0 at Anfield. (Aneesh Kumar, England).

    "Did you eat, did you eat, did you eat Barry Fry?"
    Cambridge United fans to the portly Farsely Celtic 'keeper. (Drew Gray, UK).

    "You must've come on a pony"
    Gloucester City fans away at Bashley. (Simon, Gloucester, England).

    "South Stand give us a song"
    Hull fans ask the completely empty south stand for a song. (Joe Barry, England).

    "Sink in the boat race! We hope you sink in the boat race!"
    Woking fans to their Cambridge counterparts. (Graeme, England).
    "Blackwell, give us a wave, Blackwell, Blackwell give us a wave."
    Luton fans to their manager Kevin Blackwell once 3-0 up against Sunderland.

    "Blackwell out!"
    Two minutes later when Blackwell didn't respond.(Sam Dear, England).

    "You're just a small town in Loughborough".
    Leicester City fans teasing Nottingham Forest supporters at the City Ground on Tuesday. (John, Rugby, UK).

    "Two King Arthurs! There's only two King Arthurs"
    Heard sung by one of the many happy Celtic fans walking along London Road after Artur Boruc's penalty saves earn a Champions League win over Spartak Moscow (Ewan McTaggart, Scotland).

    "Stayed at the fun fair, we should have stayed at the fun fair."
    Watford fans after going 2-0 down to Southend.(Gordon, England).

    "You only sing when you're fishing."
    Burnley fans at their recent cup tie against Grimsby.(James Strother, United Kingdom).

    "You only sing when you're swimming!"
    Hartlepool fans at Hillsborough after going 1-0 up.(Dan, England).

    "If there is a qualified referee in the ground please can he make himself known to a steward."
    PA at half-time at Craven Cottage during Fulham v Boro game during which the referee and linesman had a nightmare. (Smollett, England)
  17. Bispham Seasider

    Bispham Seasider New Member

    Aug 11, 2007
    Blackpool FC
    Nat'l Team:
    Most opposing fans tend to sing at Blackpool,

    "You can stick your Blackpool Tower up yer a**e"

    Plenty of away fans sing at any ground, if the home fan support is quiet -

    "You're supposed to be at home"

    Blackpool fans sing to away fans, if we are winning and it looks as though we will definitely win;

    "Time to go
    Time to go
    Time to go
    Time to go
    Time to go
    Time to go, oh
    Time to go oh oh oh oh
    F**k off!"

    Leicester fans to Blackpool fans earlier this season (on seeing the bright tangerine shirts)
    "Do you work at B&Q?"
    (*)British store whose logo is bright orange and staf wear the colour

    Blackpool fans also used to sing Nellie the Elephant -

    "Nellie the elephant packed her trunk
    And said goodbye to the circus
    Off she went with a trumpety trump
    Trump, trump, trump"

    While dancing around of course.

    Also Blackpool fans often chant toward visiting fans,

    "here for the gay bars
    You're only here for the gay bars
    Here for the gay bars
    You're only here for the gay bars!"

    (There is a big gay village in the town centre)
  18. Offebacher

    Offebacher Member

    May 14, 2006
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    How fitting that Sir Elton is in this weeks chants after Seasider's Gay Village bit.


    "Oh you can freeze 500 million, and you can freeze 500 more, Cos Thaksin's got another billion underneath his bedroom floor, SHIN-A-WATRA SHIN-A-WATRA!"
    Chant of the season so far, from Man City fans to the tune of The Proclaimers' "500 miles". Genius. (Denis, Germany).

    "Where's your caravan?"
    Port Vale fans to long-haired ex-player Danny Sonner at Walsall. (Griff, England).

    Three more points to go then we get to zero (to the tune of '10 Men Went To Mow').
    Leeds fans on getting to minus three points. (Graeme Garvey, England).
    "Zero! Zero! Zero!"
    Leeds fans after their two-goal win over Hartlepool took them back to zero points! (Sam Johnston, UK).

    [​IMG] God save the queen

    ''Elton, Elton he is the queen of Vicarage Road!''
    The Watford faithful take a break from hailing Marlon as the King of Vicarage Road and acknowledge Elton John in the crowd. (David Smith, England).

    "We've only got 10 men."
    Wigan fans at St James's Park.
    "You've only got 10 fans!"
    Newcastle fans' response. (Glen, UK).

    The Premier League is upside down, The Premier League is upside down, We're in the Champions League with Derby, and Liverpool are going down."
    Sung by Reading fans after successive 3-0 defeats. (James Bucknall, Republic of Berkshire).

    "Pardew, is a Palace fan."
    After Charlton manager Alan Pardew responded to home chants of "Pardew give us a wave" at the South London derby. (Tom Ball, UK).

    "Batman is a Kopite."
    Liverpool fans in the Kop as two bats circled and darted in and out of the stand during the Toulouse game. (Greg, England).

    "They tried to make me sign for Celtic, but I said No, No, No!"
    Sung by Rangers fans on Saturday v Gretna about new signing Steven Naismith, to the tune of Amy Winehouse's Rehab. (Boyd Pearson, Scotland).


    "Mr John Smith your wife is waiting under the scoreboard, it's your turn to feed the baby."
    During Leicester Tigers match. (Dennis Blackburn, England). "Smoking is banned in the stadium but if you are desperate ask a steward for a nicotine patch."
    Bristol Rovers stadium announcer before the home game against Crewe. (Ed Blackwell, UK).
  19. CeltTexan

    CeltTexan Member+

    Sep 21, 2000
    Houston, TX USA
    Houston Dynamo
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Oh boy. The shit y'all must take!
  20. Offebacher

    Offebacher Member

    May 14, 2006
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    This week with a Scottish Twist:

    We're gonna deep-fry your croissants!"
    Scotland fans singing to the French in Paris. (Andrew, Scotland).

    "Can we play you every week?"
    Scotland fans after seing their side beat France at the Parc des Princes. (Colin Asquith, UK).

    "What the hell is Va Va Voom?!"
    Scotland fans again. (Paul McKay, Scotland).

    "It's just a big ******* pylon!"
    Tartan Army underneath the Eiffel Tower before our famous victory. (Tony McDermott, Scotland).

    [​IMG] Get your dancing shoes on

    "Lets all have a disco!"
    Carlisle United after taking the lead against Swansea.
    "Let's go to their disco!"
    Swansea fans five minutes later after going 2-1 up. (Bobby, Wales).

    "Is your ground from B&Q?"
    Charlton fans taunting Colchester about their tiny little ground. (Marc Deruelle, England).

    "There's only one Teddy Sheringham....with a walking stick and a zimmer frame, Sheringham has peed himself again!"
    Charlton fans at Colchester. (Matt, England).

    "We're gonna win 6-5."
    Sung in optimism by Inverness Caley fans after Celtic knocked in their fifth. (Stuart McAleese, England).

    "He's only got nine toes!"
    A small section of fans chanting to Steven Gerrard at the England-Russia game. (Tom W, UK).

    "Malcolm Glazer's a football genius."
    Sung by Clitheroe FC fans at the home game v FC United. Let's just say the United fans weren't too happy about it! (Oliver Collins, Burnley).

    "The moon! You've never been to the moon!"
    England fans to the Russians. Don't mention the fact that we haven't either... (Rich N, UK).
    "It's just like being in church!"
    Yeovil fans to quiet Swindon fans. (Dan Dixon, England).
  21. Offebacher

    Offebacher Member

    May 14, 2006
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    1st one after the "Special One" has gone.

    "Who the ******* hell are you?"
    Ricky Hatton fans to Floyd Mayweather.

    "You only score when we let you!"
    Sung by Leicester fans to Forest during the Carling Cup match. (Matty, Leicester).

    "Where were you on Tuesday Night?"
    United fans taunting Chelsea following their no show in the Champions League.

    [​IMG] Chelsea are no longer special

    "You're not special anymore."
    United fans reminding Chelsea the 'Special One' has left.
    "10 men, we've only got 10 men."
    Chelsea fans taunting United fans as they held their own at Old Trafford.

    "10 fans, you only have 10 fans."
    United fans reply to Chelsea's taunts. (All from Ian Battersby, England).

    "Beattie wears a sports bra."
    Wolves fans to the chunky Sheffield United striker James Beattie. (Joe Scott, England).

    "You're just a town full of seamen!"
    Sung by FC United fans to Fleetwood fans at their FA Cup match. (Stuart, UK).

    "We're the famous Tartan Army and we're here to save the snail."
    One more from Scotland fans in Paris. (Steven McCrory, Scotland).

    "You're really, really smelly!"
    Forest Green fans to Aldershot fans. (James Priest, England).

    "1-0 to the England."
    After Spurs go one-up in the north London derby. (Jon Harnett, United Kingdom).

    "Fresh air! We only want fresh air."
    Sunderland fans singing to Middlesbrough fans on Saturday. (Jonathan, Darlington, UK).

    "Shearer, Shearer gives us a goal."
    Chant heard at Wycombe v Shrewsbury when Wycombe Keeper Scott Shearer came on as a substitute. (Chris Wise, UK).

    "Where's ya sponsor gone?"
    Derby fans to Northern Rock-sponsored Newcastle. (John Marshall, England).

    "You should have banked with The Woolwich!"
    More from the Derby fans. (Slow Chariot, UK).

    "What's it like to see a crowd?"
    Leeds fans after a crowd of 29,410 was announced against Swansea. (Matt T, England).
    "We fill our stadium."
    Arsenal fans in reference to Chelsea only managing to get 24,000 at Stamford Bridge the previous night for a Champions League game. (Ben Smith, England).
  22. AeroSquire1836

    Feb 13, 2007
    Houston Dynamo
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    We absolutly need to do this one when we go to dallas. I don't know if I've ever seen a better opportunity to steal another teams brilliance.
  23. The Truth Commission

    Mar 29, 2000
    Parts Unknown
    Hear, hear!
  24. Offebacher

    Offebacher Member

    May 14, 2006
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    This weeks edition:

    "We want Mourinho!"
    Mansfield supporters after going 1-0 down at Accrington Stanley. (Josh, Mansfield).

    "Happy Birthday to you!"
    Aston Villa fans after Tottenham went 4-1 down to Villa on their 125th anniversary. " (Josh, Chorleywood).

    "Easy, Easy!"
    Reading fans show some gallows humour as they reduce the deficit to 7-4 against Pompey.(Bruce, London).

    "Wenger's the special one."
    Arsenal supporters against Newcastle in the Carling Cup. (Becca, UK).

    Derby fans: "England, England, England!"
    Arsenal fans: "Are you Scotland in disguise!"
    Banter during Arsenal's 5-1 win. (David Bedlow, England).

    [​IMG] Come on you Springboks!

    "You've got Y-fronts on your flag!"
    England rugby fans to the South African fans. (Chris Jackson, England).

    "You are my Kandol, my Tresor Kandol,
    You signed from Barnet, on deadline day,
    We did not notice that you could score goals,
    Until that day at Tranmere away."
    Leeds fans to their new hero (to the tune of You Are My Sunshine). (Sealy, England).

    "Your ground's too big for you!"
    Charlton fans singing to Coventry about the fact the ground was half-empty. (Marc Deruelle, UK).

    "Who are ya?"
    Sung by Coventry's large travelling support to United's second-string team in the Carling Cup. (Geoff Taylor, UK).
    "We buy your misfits."
    West Ham fans to Newcastle supporters. (Warren, England).

    "What time's your minibus?"
    Spurs fans to the handful of Boro supporters who came to the match. (James Maine, Chelmsford).

    "Shoes off if you love Morecambe!"
    Sung by most of the Morecambe fans while holding shoes aloft at Sheffield Utd v Morecambe in the Carling Cup. Soon followed by "Shoe are ya?" (Leanne Sunter, England).
    "You're Getting Sacked in the Morning."
    West Brom fans to John Gregory after they beat QPR 5-1. That's John Gregory who was...sacked in the morning. (James, UK).
  25. houston_gunner

    houston_gunner New Member

    Jan 17, 2007
    Chant of the week from some of the Texian Army "Boo the baby" as family of beckham whores walked by with a baby in a beckham jersey.

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