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    For some reason, the CCAA site still does not have the women's soccer All-Conference teams listed (they've had the men's teams listing up since the 10th.)

    From UCSD site:
    1st Team: (F) Kristen Jones (M) Kelly Cochran
    2nd Team: (M) Megan Mendoza (M) Kristen Conahan (D) Mollie Carlson (D) Christine Wensel
    Honorable Mention: (D)Sarah Schopbach

    From CSU San Bernardino site:
    1st Team: (M) Kayla Humphries (F) Michelle Lopez
    2nd Team: (D) Ashley Licata
    Honorable Mention: (D) Erin Keller (D) Amanda Heins

    From Cal Poly Pomona site:
    1st Team: (F) Michelle McConnell (F) Lisa Araujo (D) Tara Chance

    From CSU Chico site:
    1st Team: (F) Amy Swanson
    2nd Team: (D) Jennifer Hogans
    Honorable Mention: (M) Heather Moonjian

    From San Francisco State site:
    1st Team: (M) Brook Braunschweig
    2nd Team: (K) Erin Clark (M) Erin Hartmann

    From CSU Bakersfield site:
    1st Team: (M) Lisa Melberg
    2nd Team: (F) Erica Kraven

    From CSU Stanislaus site:
    2nd Team: (F) Mosey Murgia (F) Marti Teunissen
    Honorable Mention: (K) Breanna Vaughn

    From CSU Los Angeles site:
    2nd Team: (M) Diane Garcia

    . . .From other sites:

    CSU Dominguez Hills:
    1st Team: (D) Sarah Gibson (F) Tanya Wilson
    2nd Team: (D) Elizabeth Arreola
    Honorable Mention: (K) Alba Garcia (D) Chantal Eastwood (M) Kristen Walsh (M) Sheila Cook

    Sonoma State:
    1st Team: (K) Kellie Campbell (F) Crystal Howard
    2nd Team: (M) Amber Hendrix
    Honorable Mention: (D) Cassie Martinez (M) Diane Philpot

    UC Davis:
    1st Team: (M) Tristan Ngoon
    2nd Team: (F) Shannon Mally
    Honorable Mention: (M) Sita Kutiera

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