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    Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Coach Girls

    By Tony DiCicco and Colleen Hacker, Ph.D.

    "In Catch Them Being Good, Tony DiCicco and Colleen Hacker have translated the techniques and philosophy they used to lead our team to victory so that coaches and players at every level can use and take advantage of their wisdom. Our success included many ingredients, and this book is like a personal tutorial with Tony and Colleen, the two people who masterfully molded all those ingredients together."
    -Julie Foudy, Captain of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team

    "Catch Them Being Good is a primer on how to create winning athletes and great human beings."
    -Marla Messing, President and CEO, 1999 Women's World Cup

    "Tony DiCicco and Colleen Hacker are a world champion combination of soccer know-how and people insight. [Their book] is an invaluable tool for coaches of all levels to help them inspire and motivate players, build team chemistry, increase soccer skills and tactical knowledge, and ultimately, develop a winning team both on and off the soccer field."
    -Michelle Akers, Two-Time World Cup Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist and FIFA Player of the Century

    "CATCH THEM BEING GOOD is...about how Tony DiCicco and Colleen Hacker have been able to teach life's valuable lessons through sport. For any parent, coach or aspiring athlete this book is a must."
    -Donna de Varona, 1964 Double Gold Medalist (swimming) and Chairman of the
    1999 World Cup

    The most successful coach in American and international soccer history, Tony DiCicco is credited with leading the U.S. Women's National Team to victory in the 1996 Olympics and 1999 World Cup. What is it about Tony's coaching style and about his teams that brought them such great success? And what is unique to coaching women athletes?

    In CATCH THEM BEING GOOD: Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Coach Girls (Viking; On-sale: August 26, 2002; $24.95) Tony DiCicco and Dr. Colleen Hacker, sports psychology consultant for the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, reveal the proven techniques they've developed for giving female athletes the mental and physical tools they need to play well, play as a team, and have fun on the field. CATCH THEM BEING GOOD is an invigorating and easy-to-follow blueprint that starts with introducing girls to sports, takes them through all the steps of trying out for and being on a team, and prepares them for a championship match. Peppered throughout with inspiring personal anecdotes, DiCicco and Hacker discuss: confidence-building drills and skills; fostering team chemistry and nurturing each players' individual talents; setting goals and post-game play evaluation; delivering praise and constructive criticism; and on-the-field and at-home etiquette for parents of female athletes. Filled with stories about the personalities of the championship teams, CATCH THEM BEING GOOD is the ideal sports book for coaches, parents and athletes.

    DiCicco writes: "There's more to the game of soccer, to any sport for that matter, than simply x's and o's. It's about competing. It's about winning. But perhaps most of all, it's about having fun and enjoying the journey along the way."

    An excellent primer for parents, players, and coaches of all levels, CATCH THEM BEING GOOD is the ultimate soccer book from America's leading soccer authority.

    Tony DiCicco is the current WUSA (Women's United Soccer Association) Commissioner and a member of the FIFA Panel of Instructors and Lecturers for Coaching. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and children.
    Dr. Colleen Hacker is an internationally recognized authority on the psychology of peak performance. She has more than 20 years of experience in higher education and is currently a professor and Assistant Dean of the School of Physical Education at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

    Tony DiCicco will be on tour to talk about CATCH THEM BEING GOOD.
    September 4, 2002, San Francisco, CA - Book Passage (Corte Madera), 7 PM
    September 5, 2002, Los Angeles, CA - Vroman's at Westridge School for Girls,
    Pasadena, 7 PM
    September 6, 2002, Portland, OR- media day
    September 7, 2002, Portland, OR - Powell's / Beaverton location, 2 PM
    September 13, 2002, Chicago, IL-media day
    September 14, 2002, Winnetka, IL - Bookstall at Willow Park Recreation
    Center, Glenview, IL
    September 17, 2002, New York, NY - Asphalt Green, 6 PM
    October 5, 2002, Madison, CT - R.J. Julia, 4 PM

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