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    Dec 2, 2004
    I have become aware of a movie project that is searching for a teen aged girl soccer player, plus teams to be extras, male and female.
    It is taking auditions on the web and because the underlying premise is a cause near to my heart (age and sex don't matter, talent does), I
    would appreciate any and all help spreading the word about this site and the search for the star. Below is the text that explains more and
    that if those of you with blogs or that might be on family or soccer oriented forums could post, it would be great.

    As a side note, I was a big Melrose Place fan and never knew that Andrew Shue played professional soccer!!!! And I even worked at one of his companies for a while and didn't know!!!!!

    To visit the site and write your own blurb about it, it is:

    Here's the scoop:
    Want to Score a Role in a Movie?
    Looking for teens to star in a soccer movie

    If you have ever dreamed of being in a movie, here is your chance. Ursa Major Films is excited to announce that the First Great American Soccer Movie is under production. And we want real soccer playing teens to star. Not only for the lead role, but all the team players, boys and girls.

    The movie "Gracie" is a personal project for producer, Andrew Shue (the actor and former MLS player). Inspired by events in the life of
    his sister, actress Elisabeth Shue, Andrew has created a dramatically inspirational story about a teenage girl in the late 1970's who brings together her broken family as she strives to play soccer on the local
    boys' varsity team. The script has been written and the movie will be shot during the summer of 2005.

    For details on how to audition from home, visit <a href=""></a> today. There are roles available for both boys and girls, AND teams!!! So call
    your coach and have them go look at the audition information. NO prior acting experience is required. The audition deadline is January 4, 2005, however, so don't delay.

    Thanks so much for anyone that passes the word along, do YOU have a soccer playing daughter that just could be GRACIE?????

    If you have a spot on a sports oriented or family oriented site for a banner, all that is available are a couple of 468x60's, you can pm me for them. I think that a text link on some high profile sites and some promotion in forums and blogs should create enough buzz to get the kids and coaches motivated. This is a great chance for kids to get involved in making a movie.

    There are some great sponsors already in place, a few more wouldn't hurt. Sports merchants, let me know if you are interested in spreading the word, pm me or go to the website and use the contact form to contact their office directly.

    This is a personal project, no aff marketing involved, just want to get the word out about something I think has the potential to make a difference in the lives of some kids.

    This is EXACTLY the kind of project my son Dan would have jumped out of his wheelchair to get involved in (if he could!)


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