Carli Lloyd En Route To Being Best Female Midfielder in WOSO?

Discussion in 'USA Women: News and Analysis' started by McSkillz, Nov 20, 2015.

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    When this lady retires, which might be after the 2019 WWC, do you guys think she might become the greatest midfielder in the womens' game?

    As much criticism as she has received, she has nailed clutch victories in important games. Her legendary status is probably in tact after the last WWC. Will she be named one of the greatest when her time comes?
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    She's great at being clutch, and I agree she deserves legendary status for her clutch performances, but no, I would not put her anywhere near the greatest midfielder ever. She doesn't have the elite technical ability many other do, and she disappears too much. Now, if she can lead the US to gold in 2016 and 2019 as well as lead Houston to at least two NWSL trophies (Shield or Playoffs) in that time period, I might reconsider. Is she the greatest clutch player of all time? Most likely, yes. Is she the greatest at being a midfielder? No.
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