Caribbean Squads for Upcoming Qualifiers

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  1. theworm2345

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    Jun 30, 2005
    Chicago, IL, USA
    Nat'l Team:
    Ireland Republic
    Its tough looking everywhere for these squads, so I hope everyone will post as many squads as possible in here.
  2. theworm2345

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    Jun 30, 2005
    Chicago, IL, USA
    Nat'l Team:
    Ireland Republic
    Saint Kitts and Nevis squad to face Belize
    (clubs and positions added by me as best as I could find)

    Calvert Bennett - Keeper (St. Pauls/Saint Kitts)
    Delroy Delaney - Keeper (Conaree/Saint Kitts)
    Kaiyan Benjamin - Keeper (St. Pauls/Saint Kitts)

    Rovan Wigley - Defender (St. Peters Strikers/Saint Kitts)
    Keithroy Richards - Defender (Newtown United/Saint Kitts)
    Errol O'Loughlin - Defender* (Conaree/Saint Kitts)
    Joel Jeffers - Defender* (Village Superstars/Saint Kitts)
    Patrece Liburd - Defender (Worcester City/England)
    John Queeley - Defender (Municipal Iquique/Chile)

    Kyle Collins - Midfield/Defender (Nottingham Forest/England)
    Zikomo Condor - Midfield* (Village Superstars/Saint Kitts)
    Irandy Byron - Midfield (W.A.H.S./Saint Kitts)
    Aiden Nurse - Midfield (St. Peters Strikers/Saint Kitts)
    Gerard Williams - Midfield (W Connection/Trinidad and Tobago)
    Orlando Mitchum - Midfield (Newtown United/Saint Kitts)

    Atiba Harris - Forward (Chivas USA/USA)
    Aaron Moses-Garvey - Forward (Birmingham City/England)
    Jevon Francis - Forward (Village Superstars/Saint Kitts)

    *I'm not sure

    Other notables not selected:
    Matthew Berkeley (Workington/England)
    Sagi Burton (Barnet/England)
    Adam Newton (Peterborough United/England)
    Calum Willock (Stevenage Borough/England)
  3. Intru

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    Mar 16, 2006
    Rochester, NY
    Puerto Rico Islanders
    Puerto Rico's Squad vs Dominican Republic, will probably look like this:

    Joshua Saunders - Keeper (Puerto Rico Islanders/USL 1(PR))
    Micheal Behonick - Keeper (Puerto Rico Islanders/USL 1(PR))
    Javier Moya - Kepper (Fraigcomar/Puerto Rico)

    Richard Martinez - Defender (Hofstra U./USA)
    Marco Velez - Defender (Puerto Rico Islanders/USL 1(PR))
    Rafael "Mime" Ortiz - Defender (Puerto Rico Islanders/USL 1(PR))
    Alexis Rivera - Defender (Puerto Rico Islanders/USL 1(PR))
    Taylor Graham - Defender (Seattle Sounders/USL 1(Seattle))
    Chris Gores - Defender (Charleston Battery/USL 1 (Charleston))
    Kevin Muller - Defender (Stony Brook U./USA)

    Noah Delgado - Midfielder (Puerto Rico Islanders/USL 1(PR))
    Petter Villegas - Midfielder (Puerto Rico Islanders/USL 1(PR))
    Kupono Low - Midfielder (Carolina Railhawks/USL 1(Cary))
    Gadiel Figueroa - Midfielder (Stony Brook U./ USA)
    Isaac ‘Saíto’ Nieves - Midfielder (Puerto Rico Islanders B/ Puerto Rico)
    Carlos Torres - Midfielder (Puerto Rico Islanders B/ Puerto Rico)

    Andrés Cabrero - Foward (GSU/Puerto Rico Islanders B/ USA/Puerto Rico)
    Eloy Matos - Foward (Western Nebraska Community College/USA)
    Chris Megaloudis - Foward
    Jose Arroyo - Foward

    Other Players worth mentioning:
    Jose Villalobos - Foward (injured)
    Roger Espinosa - Foward
    Jason Hernández - Defender (San Jose Earthquakes/ MLS)
    Jason Hernández - Defender
  4. theworm2345

    theworm2345 Member

    Jun 30, 2005
    Chicago, IL, USA
    Nat'l Team:
    Ireland Republic
    Antigua and Barbuda squad to face Aruba
    (clubs and positions added by me as best as I could find)

    Molvin James - Keeper (Villa Lions/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Janiel Simon - Keeper (Clayton State University/USA)

    Karanja Mack - Defender (SAP FC/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Dave Carr - Defender (Bassa FC/Antigua and Barbuda)
    George Dublin - Defender (Tobago United/Trinidad and Tobago)
    Damien Farrell - Defender (Empire FC/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Garfield Gonsalves - Defender (Villa Lions/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Verton Harris - Defender (Old Road/Antigua and Barbuda)

    Schyan Jeffers - Midfield (Bassa FC/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Desmond Bleau - Midfield (Sea View Farm/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Teran Williams - Midfield (SAP F.C./Antigua and Barbuda)
    Ken Pennyfeather - Midfield (Hoppers/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Troy Simon - Midfield (Freeman’s Village/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Lennox Julian - Midfield (Bassa FC/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Ranjae Christian - Midfield (Bassa FC/Antigua and Barbuda)

    Jamie Thomas - Forward (Bassa FC/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Peter Byers - Forward (San Juan Jabloteh/Trinidad and Tobago)
    Gayson Gregory - Forward (San Juan Jabloteh/Trinidad and Tobago)
    Kerry Skepple - Forward (Bullets/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Randolph Burton - Forward (Bassa FC/Antigua and Barbuda)
    Kelly Fredericks - Forward (Hoppers/Antigua and Barbuda)

    Look what I found for keeper Janiel Simon
  5. theworm2345

    theworm2345 Member

    Jun 30, 2005
    Chicago, IL, USA
    Nat'l Team:
    Ireland Republic
    Bermuda squad to face the Cayman Islands
    (clubs and positions added by me as best as I could find)

    Timmy Figureido - Keeper (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)
    Dwayne Adams - Keeper (Devonshire Cougars/Bermuda)

    Darius Cox - Defender (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)
    Kevin Richards - Defender (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)
    Omar Shakir - Defender (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)
    Antonio Lowe - Defender (Cape Breton Capers/Canada)
    Marquel Waldron - Defender (Saltus Grammar School/Bermuda)

    Jason Davis - Midfield (Cape Breton Capers/Canada)
    Kwame Steede - Midfield (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)
    Domico Coddington - Midfield (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)
    Tyrell Burgess - Midfield (Lynn University/USA)
    Sammy Degraff - Midfield (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)
    Damon Ming - Midfield (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)

    Keishan Bean - Forward (Lynn University/USA)
    Reggie Lowe - Forward (Southampton Rangers/Bermuda)
    Aljame Zuill - Forward (Devonshire Colts/Bermuda)
    John Barry Nusum - Forward (Philadelphia KiXX/USA)
    Stephen Astwood - Forward (Bermuda Hogges/Bermuda*)

    *Are located in Bermuda but are in an American league

    Yes, I know Bermuda is not in the Caribbean, but the Cayman Islands certainly are

    Other notables not selected:
    Khano Smith (New England Revolution/USA) (injured)
  6. theworm2345

    theworm2345 Member

    Jun 30, 2005
    Chicago, IL, USA
    Nat'l Team:
    Ireland Republic
    Barbados squad to face Dominica
    (clubs and positions added by me as best as I could find)

    Alvin Rouse - Keeper (Galway United/Republic of Ireland)
    Kerry Holder - Keeper (Barbados Defence Force SC/Barbados)

    Rommell Brathwaite - Defender (Notre Dame SC/Barbados)
    Dwight James - Defender (Notre Dame SC/Barbados)
    Barry Skeete - Defender (Barbados Defence Force SC/Barbados)
    Jonathan Straker - Defender (Barbados Defence Force SC/Barbados)
    Bryan Neblett - Defender (Notre Dame SC/Barbados)
    Rohan Hall - Defender (Barbados Defence Force SC/Barbados)

    Elvis Defreitas - Midfielder (Paradise SC/Barbados)
    John Parris - Midfield (Notre Dame SC/Barbados)
    Jeffrey Williams - Midfield (Barbados Defence Force SC/Barbados)
    Rondelle Vaughan - Midfield (Brittons Hill/Barbados)
    Norman Forde - Midfield (Youth Milan FC/Barbados)

    Reveire Williams - Forward (Barbados Defence Force SC/Barbados)
    Dwayne McClean - Forward (Barbados Defence Force SC/Barbados)
    Jonathan Nurse - Forward (Dagenham and Redbridge/England)
    Neil Harvey - Forward (Retford United/England)
    Dwayne Stanford - Forward (Beverley Hills/Barbados)

    Other notables not selected:
    Louie Soares (Aldershot Town/England)
    Mark McCammon (Doncaster/England)
    Paul Ifill (Crystal Palace/England)
    Gregory Goodridge (Brittons Hill/Barbados)
  7. Trin

    Trin Member

    Sep 6, 2005
    No idea right now unfotunatly, our team is in a mess to tell u the truth hoping they put the house in order soon
  8. jonny63

    jonny63 Member+

    Feb 17, 2005
    Cayman Islands team today :

    (GK) Tuda MURPHY 1
    Jedd Ebanks 2
    Marshall FORBES 3
    Martin Waud 4
    Thomas ELLIOT 5
    Junior FISHER 6
    Allean Richard Grant Velasquez 7
    Ron DOUGLAS 8
    Carson FAGAN 11
    Ian LINDO 14
    Donald SOLOMON 17

    Subs :

    Gabriel Godet 9
    Eric Brown 10
    Dominic Godet 12
    Aldene FORBES 13
    Justin PIERRE 15
    Jason Ebanks 16
    Garth ANDERSON 18
  9. JG

    JG Member+

    Jun 27, 1999
    Netherlands Antilles squad to face Nicaragua. Most are in the lower Dutch divisions. The player to watch for is Nelisse, one of the top scorers in the Dutch league this year.

    GK: Wencho Farrell (Türkiyemspor), Marcello Pisas (Deportivo Barber, Curaçao)

    DEF: Shelton Martis (West Bromwich Albion, Engeland), Tyrone Loran (NAC), Lennox Mauris (Turkiyemspor), Angelo Cijntje (BV Veendam)

    MID: Anton Jongsma (FC Zwolle), Leon Kantelberg (VVV Venlo), Angelo Zimmerman (BV Veendam), Djuric Winklaar (AFC Quick 1890), Revy Rosalia (Top Oss), Giovanni Franken (RVVH)

    FWD: Robin Nelisse (FC Utrecht, aanvoerder), Nyron Wau (FC Den Bosch), Orlando Smeekes (GA Eagles), Benjamin Martha (RBC), Dyron Daal (Club de Fútbol Fuenlabrada, Spanje), Rocky Siberie (SV Straelen, Duitsland)
  10. jonny63

    jonny63 Member+

    Feb 17, 2005

    1 – Leon Jeffers
    2 – Gordon Conner
    3 – Godwin Davy
    4 – Walwyn Benjamin
    5 – Andre Griffith
    6 – Romare Kelsick
    7 – Ian Edwards
    8 – Kevin Hawley
    9 – Jaiden Abbott
    10 – Kieran Kentish
    11 – Lucien Fleming
    12 – James Williams-Richardson – Maidenhead Utd
    13 – Romell Gumbs – Slough Town
    14 – Roy Gumbs – Beaconsfield SYCOB
    15 – Robert Paris – Hampton & Richmond Borough FC
    16 – Emerson Brooks-Meade – Leighton Town
    17 – Brian Connor – Slough Town
    18 – Jermaine Gumbs – Slough Town
  11. diclem87

    diclem87 Member

    Jan 9, 2007
    I have the complete squad of Cayman Islands with players, clubs and positions, because I´ve investigated about it:

    Tuda Murphy-Portero-Glenavon F.C. (Irlanda del Norte)
    Jedd Ebanks-Mediocampo-Elite F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Marshall Forbes-Defensa-Latinos F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Martin Ward-Delantero-Sunset F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Thomas Elliot-Defensa-Sunset F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Junior Fisher-Defensa-Sunset F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Richard Grant-Delantero-Latinos F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Ron Douglas-Mediocampo-Scholars F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Carson Fagan-Mediocampo-George Town SC (Islas Cayman)
    Ian Lindo-Mediocampo-George Town SC (Islas Cayman)
    Donald Solomon-Defensa-George Town SC (Islas Cayman)
    Gabriel Godet-Mediocampo-Elite F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Eric Brown-Delantero-Sunset F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Dominic Godet-Portero-Elite F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Roy Forbes-Mediocampo-Latinos F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Justin Pierre-Defensa-George Town SC (Islas Cayman)
    Jason Ebanks-Delantero-Elite F.C. (Islas Cayman)
    Garth Anderson-Defensa-George Town SC (Islas Cayman)

  12. rochester rhinos

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    Aug 10, 2007
    under a pipal tree
    My beloved...I just wish our defected players could still play for the squad ie Galindo More Delgado and "Boom Boom" Martinez who plays for the Rhinos in the USL

    GK Julio Aldama FC Matanzas
    1 GK Odelin Molina FC Villa Clara
    GK Dany Luis Quintero FC Cienfuegos
    DF Yusnavys Caballeros FC Ciudad de La Habana
    5 DF Jorge Luis Clavelo FC Villa Clara
    14 DF Jaime Colomé FC Ciudad de La Habana
    DF Joel Colomé FC Ciudad de La Habana
    19 DF Leonel Duarte FC Ciego de Ávila
    16 DF Reysander Fernández FC Ciego de Ávila
    3 DF Yenier Márquez FC Villa Clara
    2 DF Silvio Pedro Miñoso FC Villa Clara

    15 MF Gisbel Morales FC Pinar del Río
    11 MF Enrique Villarrutia FC Cienfuegos
    18 FW Reyner Alcántara FC Cienfuegos
    9 FW Alain Cervantes FC Ciego de Ávila
    17 FW Pedro Adriani Faife FC Villa Clara
    7 FW Ariel Martínez FC Sancti Spíritus

    13 FW Adonis Ramos
  13. theworm2345

    theworm2345 Member

    Jun 30, 2005
    Chicago, IL, USA
    Nat'l Team:
    Ireland Republic

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