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  1. Joe MacCarthy

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    Dec 4, 2004
    2nd Half
    50 min » The final whistle is blown and Costa Rica wins 1-0.
    50 min » Free kick for Canada, great chance to score, Brenan shoots but the ball hits the wall for a corner kick.
    48 min » The referee has added 5 minutes to the second half.
    47 min » Canada has a great chance to tie the game with Hume in the box but his shot misses the goal by a few inches.
    46 min » Yellow card for Canadian Bernier for a hard foul.
    44 min » Peters replaces Grande in Canada team.
    43 min » Costa Rican Bolaños had a great chance to add one more goal but his shot goes wide.
    41 min » Canada almost equalises the score with a back header from Segura that surprises his own goalkeeper.
    39 min » Substitution in Costa Rica, Sequeira replaces Bryce.
    38 min » Serioux replaces Leduc in Canada.
    36 min » Costa Rican Bryce leaves the game injured after a hard foul from Mckeena who has been ejected from the game
    35 min » Red card for Mckenna. He is the first player ejected in the Gold Cup 2005.
    30 min » Oscar Rojas replaces Jafet Soto in Costa Rica
    29 min » Free kick for Canada, Hume executes but the ball hits the wall.
    28 min » Costa Rica keeps possesion of the ball in their own territory.
    24 min » Substitution in Canada, Hume replaces Gerba.
    22 min » Costa Rica are defending very high up the pitch, relying on the pacy Umaña to get them out of trouble if needed.
    20 min » Yellow card for Brennan for a hard foul on Fonseca
    18 min » Segura from Costa Rica has a yellow card too.
    17 min » Referee penalizes Ruiz from Costa Rica for faking a foul.
    15 min » Costa Rica almost score again with an excellent header from Fonseca that hits the crossbar.
    14 min » Canada has dominated the last 4 minutes of the game but no clear chance yet.
    13 min » Costa Rican team coach, Alexander Guimaraes, does not seem happy with the performance of his team in this moment.
    12 min » Free kick for Canada, Grande executes but the ball hits the wall.
    10 min » Substitution in Costa Rica, Segura replaces Miller.
    7 min » Corner kick for Canada, but Soto get his team out of trouble with a defensive header.
    6 min » DeRosario Attempts a shot from over 20 metres but goalkeeper Porras from Costa Rica dives for the ball.
    4 min » Bolaños lobbed cross almost generates another chance to score for Costa Rica but Sutton responds well.
    3 min » Costa Rica have started the second-half as they began the first with an early dominance.
    1 min » Costa Rica get the second half under way.

    1st Half
    47 min » The referee blows for half-time.
    45 min » The referee indicates that 2 minutes will be added to the game.
    43 min » DeRosario is inside the box and attempts a hard shot but the ball goes way over the crossbar.
    42 min » Canada does not seem to recover from the Costa Rican goal.
    38 min » Canada has two players with a yellow card.
    38 min » Kevin McKenna was also penalized with a yellow card earlier in the game
    37 min » Canada responds with DeRosario penetrating on the left flank but the Costa Rican defense is playing well in the back.
    34 min » Wallace from Costa Rica is injured on the field. The referee stops the game for a few seconds.
    30 min » Goal!!! Soto executes the penalty kick to give Costa Rica an early advantage in the game
    28 min » Bernier intercepts a ball with his hand and the referee calls a penalty kick for Costa Rica.
    27 min » Hutchinson is cautioned by the referee for a hard foul.
    25 min » Costa Rican Ruiz penetrates the box and falls down. He claims he was fouled for a penalty kick but the referee does not buy it.
    24 min » Lopez from Costa Rica attempts a shot but fails to make a good connection with the ball and drags the effort well wide.
    23 min » DeRosario from Canada advances on the righ flank, penetrates the box but the Costa Rican defense intercepts his shot.
    22 min » Costa Rica has control of the ball in their own territory using short passes.
    18 min » Goalkeeper Porras clears the ball with his hands after a corner kick well executed by Grande from Canada.
    15 min » DeRosario penetrates the box creating a good chance for Canada but Roy Miller from Costa Rica gets his team out of trouble.
    13 min » Wallace Attempts a shot from over 25 metres but the ball was intercepted by a Canadian defender for a corner kick.
    12 min » Spurred on by a vociferous crowd, Costa Rica have dominated the early stages of this game.
    10 min » Canada advances on the right flank but the referee calls offside.
    7 min » Canada is aware of the Costa Rican threat on the break and a long punt from goalkeeper Sutton just evades Bolaños who could have found himself with only the goalkeeper to beat.
    5 min » Referee Prendergast penalizes Bernier from Canada for a foul on a Costa Rican player.
    3 min » Costa Rica takes the initiative in this game, with an early dominance but nobody gets close to the box.
    1 min » Canadá dressed in red shirts and red shorts, get the game under way. Canada are wearing their white uniform.
    Good evening and welcome to the live webcast of the game between the national teams of Canada and Costa Rica for the first round of the Gold Cup 2005.
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    Jul 18, 2004
    Leiden, NL
    Tough loss. What was the match like? I'm in the Netherlands now, and I don't have access to any sort of feed. Also, if somebody wants to do pbp in here for the next couple of matches, I'd really appreciate it :) :)
  3. TastySimon

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Canada should have won that game. If only they could have capitalized on their chances. The second half Costa Rica was on their heels for most of the time, even when Canada was one man down.
    Overall I was pretty impressed with Canada's play, and I think Yallop did a great job. Hopefully luck with be on Canada's side when the play USA on Sat.

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