Camacho "explains" the reasons for his leaving

Discussion in 'Real Madrid' started by Gonzalo, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Gonzalo

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    May 15, 2000
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    "As a manager, you need total support and I could see things getting worse. The club has a way of running things, and I have another. The team's performance was inadequate and it was not going to get better with me at the helm. To have carried on would have been detrimental to the team and I could see that a different management style might be more effective. I don't think I'll get a third chance to coach Real Madrid".

    "I didn't have a problem with any of the players, although in the last month I found I had very little connection with the team. I could not understand that they discussed things in private and everyone found out about it. They had problems they did not confide in me and I only found out through other people".

    "I didn't ask for Owen, but I did not mind his signing as the season is very long and there would be plenty of opportunities for everyone. Xabi Alonso was on my list, but not as a priority. The players I wanted were Vieira and Emerson. Woodgate is one of the best central defenders in Europe. I made a number of recommendations but unfortunately none of them could be signed".

    "My relationship with the president was good. He has his own special way of managing things. It's worked for him in the past and he will continue to do things his way. He doesn't often rely on advisors; he is the boss. I was used to a different approach. I did not accept his offer to stay in the club because, perhaps, we are opposites. I like to be in charge wherever I work and I saw that I could not do things my way".
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    Jan 16, 2002
    That's not bad... after all the talk of the dramatic "real reason". Nothing that's new or shocking.
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    Nov 30, 2001
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    But then it would make his leaving even more 'disgracefull' in my opinion. He spent millions of the club on a player of his choice (Woodgate) and it's been said (kind of also in that article) that it was also thanx to him that Xabi wasn't contracted....which of course makes it personal ;)..... only to then leave the club later on for no reason at all?
  4. Lockjaw

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    Sep 8, 2004
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    I agree. Camacho's explaination is no explaination at all. He sounds like a helpless bystander. Still I am glad that he realized he was not up for the job sooner rather than later.
  5. La China Poblana

    May 13, 2003
    Lack of clout prompted Camacho exit at Real

    MADRID, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Former Real Madrid coach Jose Antonio Camacho said a lack of rapport with his players and influence with the management helped prompt his decision to quit.

    The club's decision to sign England striker Michael Owen, rather than the defensive midfielder Camacho believed was a priority, was just one sign of his limited clout.

    "I didn't ask for Owen, although I said that I would not get in the way. Xabi Alonso was an option, but the priorities were (Arsenal's) Vieira and (then AS Roma player) Emerson," Camacho told Cadena Ser.
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    I can understand him preferring Vieira and Emerson to Xabi Alonso. He doesn't say that he didn't want Alonso, just not at the top of the list. Alonso is an excellent passer but his tackling is not that strong and he's still young and developing.
  7. Gonzalo

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    May 15, 2000
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    While I don't think that Camacho is likely to disclose any time soon the incident or incidents that triggered his resignation, he's clearly expressing frustration at his inability to run things his own way - the players did not really listen to him because there was no support from the president. Surely he should not have been that surprised. After all, he's got plenty of contacts inside the club who could have told him how things really were.

    Camacho really never had the right kind of personality for the job - and I suspect Florentino knew this all along. But he was facing re-election at a particularly tricky time in his presidency (no trophies for the first time in years and a spectacular slump to finish off the season) and Camacho was the fans' choice - obviously a misguided belief in his ability to kick the players into shape. If Camacho had really been true to his principles and shown some "cojones" he would have benched half the starting line-up until they pulled their socks up and played the youngsters instead. A risky gamble, to be sure, but had it paid off, the so-called galácticos' bluff would have been called and the back of the opposition might have been broken.
  8. gazzad_5

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    Jan 19, 2004
    why is this little prick trying to upset things again, can he not take the fact real are now doing better under remon?
    it was all fine, out of he way, now these comments stir the whole thing up again
    his style was never going to work. we needed a bit of authority, but not someone like him.
    from last year when i was at school it is a similar situation. when you have a teacher who shouts a lot, the student responds by misbehaving more, it isnt effective.
    the best teachers are those who have a laugh with the kids, get the message accross in a way that the student can accept

    this is similar in football, with these players a shouter ist going to get a response, but someon who talks, putting their points across in a chatty manner will more likely get a response from the players.
    eg. at half time if the players werent doing what camacho asked he would shout at the players, shout at zizou and tell him to play the ball quicker, thsi isnt going to provoke any kind of positive response. remon on the other hand, or a calmer manager may have a little talk with him, say he feels moving the ball quicker would be effective, and the player is more likely to take it on board

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