Buffalo Wild Wings thinks this sport could save its business

Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by HomietheClown, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Interesting, but since the two times I was in one of their restaurants you wouldn't have known soccer even existed, sounds desperate.
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    They're not a good place to watch games. That's the problem. Not which games they air. Hooters and Damon's are two that I would go to which put an emphasis on television location and the size/angles of the TVs. BW3 put theirs up too high, too small, and they're all along the walls without the other places that have TVs located throughout the seating area which also make them closer to the patrons.
  3. Timbuck

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    Jul 31, 2012
    The reader comments should be what they look at to improve their business:
    -food quality needs to improve
    -service needs to improve
    -prices are too high if the 2 above items don't change
    -hard to watch a game there because of sound issues.

    Here's an idea for them to bring in a soccer crowd- every weekend there are tons of youth soccer games being played within a few minutes of their restaurants. Get involved in the grass roots level of soccer. Offer a good kids menu. Offer specials for players in uniform. Give coaches a book of coupons to hand out to their teams.
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    Interesting article, thanks for posting it. Honest question: Has anyone seen a single reference to Buffalo Wild Wings during any of the Euro or Copa coverage this summer? I havent but maybe they're geo-targeting or something.

    In my experience at the BWW in my area of Massachusetts, it's a really good place to watch games, the food and service are always good. In fact, these poor numbers surprise me because the BWW in my area is eternally packed. In fact, it's so crowded we don't bother going there to watch sports anymore.

    Couldn't agree more. Soccer is the only major sport they don't have represented as part of the decor. This goes for both international as well as MLS/clubs. Granted, I haven't been there to watch MLS games; it would be an interesting experiment if they put on the revs on one of their 50 tv's.
  5. HomietheClown

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    Sep 4, 2010
    I have seen BWW commercials during the Euro and before that the Copa promoting that they are the place to see all the games this summer.

    As for the restaurant being packed, they are not packed in most areas at lunch time. This was a way for them to change that a bit.
  6. Nico Limmat

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    Here in Dubai they aren't licensed (unlike Buffalo Wings & Rings) so that's a big no from me. :D
  7. bostonsoccermdl

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    The one near my hometown had a lot of soccer on, and semi decent crowds watching the copa and the euros.. I was visiting family, but every time I went there some game was on...

    My biggest issue was that the big screen behind the bar has ceiling lights right next to it kills the picture.. Amateur mistake IMO ..
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  8. IU Gooner

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    Feb 8, 2009
    B Dubs is a total ripoff if it isn't a Tuesday or Thursday. The average neighborhood has better wings.
  9. shotzie

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    Aug 31, 2011
    I cringe every time I hear... B Dubs used. Then I laugh to myself at all the money spent on that rebranding campaign geared at younger folks. I guess my gripe is the fact that so much money is spent on advertising in an attempt to get me to buy their product. Take all that advertising money B Dubs... (cringe)... and start building pitches in low income areas that are underserved. At that point, I might think about stepping in your restaurant. Until then. Keep throwing your money at advertising that no longer works. I really feel this sport we love is going to be the catalyst of change. Soccer had to be built from the grass roots level on up in this country. And it required a community effort. My only point... (and a tip of the hat to Timbuk for his suggestion as it's spot on)... keep building community and networks locally. Even if it's a franchised B Dubs... I don't need a soccer jersey on the wall to enjoy myself... just start making an effort to spend your hard earned money at places that are also engaged in making wherever you are... a better place to live. 2 cents from a long time lurker.
  10. Sykotyk

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    But, long before they started advertising "B Dubs", it was always called BW3 anyways based on their original name (Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck). Even though they went to just Buffalo Wild Wings, people in my area still call it BW3. Maybe nationally they tried to push the "B Dubs" nickname in commercials, but in my area it was just an attempt to stop people from calling it BW3 but did it organically by just shortening out the 3 and making it succinct.

    Either way, the really never got the message on how 'sports bars' are supposed to be run. TV placement is all wrong. And, they can't show all the NFL games on a NFL weekend. I was in Madison, Wisconsin and wanted to see a game, but found out they could only show so many different games at once despite all the TVs. And this despite being an NFL sponsor. That's ridiculous.

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