British report on the emotional anchors of US cable news

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by YankBastard, Apr 10, 2009.

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    Read it and it's quite true.... TV is trying to to use emotional strings and become as rant-filled as radio already is.....

    It's only getting worse, in this video

    Beck says he (himself) is Obama, douses actor with gas-can contents

    Of course, facts can go to they are needed less, and less and less amid all the senselessness..... I have to wonder, as many more newpapers disappear, will we have to rely more and more on this type of "news" people...?!?!
    OTOH, an increasingly number of people on TV are the killing debate before it can even begin, aborting it if you will

    Of course to know about a subject, nothing beats reading, from multiple sources if possible....It may be [Bush]hard work[/Bush], but what the heck.....
    Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority
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    This sort of thing would never happen in a country which has such fine journalistic sources like The Sun.
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    Where, thanks to page three, the stiff upper lip gives way to...

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