Boston v. Toronto [R]

Discussion in 'US Women's Lower Divisions' started by nsa, Aug 3, 2002.

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    Big-time a$$-kicking tonight on Bowditch Field. The Renegades scored in the 7th minute and never looked back. Haltime was 3-0, final, 8-0. :)

    7' - #12, Meghan Moore (weak shot, 'keeper slipped trying to get back to it after commiting to her right)

    17' - #9, Erin O'Grady; assist #8, Laura Kalmari (this time the defender slipped at the top of the penalty area leaving Erin 1v1 with the 'keeper)

    41' - #8, Laura Kalmari; assist #12, Meghan Moore

    62' - ditto (great cross from Moore)

    64' - #17, Mary Guarino; assist #15, Sarah Popper (these two had just entered the game after Kalmari's goal, combining for a score in under a minute)

    70' - #12, Meghan Moore; assist ??? (50 yd. floater from the right side to Moore on the left who tucked it near post)

    84' - #17, Mary Guarino; assist #11, Becka Splaine (Splaine took the ball for a 40 yd. run, shielding well to the goal line left of the net. She played the ball on the ground just out of reach of the 'keeper to Guarino at the top of the goal area at the far post.)

    87' - #11, Becka Splaine; assist #15, Sarah Popper ('keeper waited for the ball to come to her, but Becka beat the defender trying to shield her to get a touch on the ball before it got to the 'keeper)

    Boston has to wait until tomorrow afternoon to learn who their opponent will be on Sunday. The LILR-NYM match was called due to severe weather. :(

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