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Discussion in 'Borussia Dortmund' started by dragonSLO, Jul 26, 2019.

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    Dec 24, 2014
    It's time to start a new General Discussion thread for the following season.
    Yesterday Bild published Borussia's wage list:

    I was surprised Gotze,Schulz and Rode earn so much. I tought Gotze is on 8m per year, Schulz on cca. 4m and Rode... WTF!?

    Brandt for 7m per year and Hazard for 5m per year are excellent deals. I think they could earn 50% more than in Borussia somewhere else which means they really want to play for Borussia which is really encouraging. Of course, this conclusion is based on assumpiton that these salaries are accurate.

    Of course, Toprak should also earn less but at the time when Borussia bought him he was an established Bundesliga player so no surprise here.
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    Getting rid of Schurrle, Kagawa, Rode, and Philip cuts the wage bill by 20M and if you include Toprak then that's another 4M...that money can be used to resign players like Akanji to improved deals.
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    Apr 9, 2015
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    I watched the Udinese match.First half was interesting to see. Weigl was immense, it's preseason, but he looked back to his best. Skipping through tackles and spraying passes.

    Hakimi was as physical as always and Raphael started at left back. Unfortunately Thorgan had to go off with a muscle injury.

    Balerdi played, but there was no Zagadou? I am wondering if he was injured.

    Brandt looked fat and out of shape. Sancho didn't look fully fit either.

    In the second half, it there a storm and the pitch was drenched. Pointless after 55 minutes and the ref did well to end it early. Dahoud did stand out.

    Hummels didn't look particularly fit either.

    So the big plus is that, even if it is preseason, Weigl looks ready and up for it.

    We are never going to match the physicality the top English clubs have in midfield, but we can match and beat them with technique.
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    Apr 30, 2016
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    Sport journalists voted for Reus to win Kicker's player of the year award, followed by Havertz. Lewandowski's advisor probably needed to cuddle Lewa's ego and made comments that can be best described as butthurt.

    Concerning Götze's wages, for weeks now the discussion is that the club wants to extend but with a reduced salary (7-8 million I think). Apparently, the club would be ok with losing him for free next year if he isn't willing to accept this offer. Unless Götze believes he can persuade the management with an outstanding coming season, he should just accept. He'd still be a top earner here. While he might find a club that pays more, I highly doubt he'd find a club that is really better than us or a better fit.

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