BMW vs Meredes Benz: Which is better?

Discussion in 'Automotive' started by Excape Goat, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Alisha Hessle

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    Here, I have compare the two major model of BMW and the Mercedes Benz,
    Have a look on their features,
    The latest edition of the BMW Z4 looks amazing. The hard top is much more secure than the conventional soft-top peers. However, this again gets the weight up significantly, besides reducing the boot space by a big margin. This 2-seater convertible looks attractive with a long bonnet and split front grilles with vertical air intakes dipped in chrome. The headlamps are sleek and horizontally sweptback.
    On the other hand, The Mercedes SLK is different from the BMW Z4 and Porsche Boxster. There is a big grille up front with honeycomb radiator air intakes. A thin line of chrome, with the company’s logo run horizontally through the centre of the grille. The overall designing cues suggest that the car are not that bold or aggressive, but are rather sober and classy. It has a similar hard-top roof that takes an extra bit of time to get folded while the car is in motion. The headlamps are swept back but are not as sleek as the Z4.
  2. kakakakaka1

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    Jan 10, 2002
    BMW is no match against Mercedes.
    Mercedes is far better than BMW in everything
  3. swood

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    Feb 3, 2019
    Mercs perform better, are comfier and look nicer in pretty much every price bracket match up. To me Mercs scream luxury travel, i'd take one over a BMW anyday
  4. nbanba

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Mercedes has better design and has better driving performance than BMW.
    If you drive, Mercedes is more stable.
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    I love older BMWs, both racing and production: M3's, 2002s, 320i's, but like newer Mercedes, from the mid-90s on, maybe? Currently, I love the G-Class and the AMG GT. I've seen the mid-90's W124 E-Class in racing trim for an IMSA production series, too, and that got to be a favorite racing car.

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