Blame It On Welles

Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by Real Ray, Sep 11, 2003.

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    Anders, an awful filmmaker who can no longer square the funding to get a film done, makes worse decisions as a "film prof" than she did as a director.

    Laying 100 years of systematic injustice against women in the cinema on Welles is a worse form of "hero" worship than any she attacks. She's falsely built up Welles into her father/God so that she can have the pleasure of committing patricide. I guess this gives her pleasure for failing as a filmmaker, and allows her to make excuses for that failure. She doesn't have to admit she's a terible filmmaker. It's Welles' fault.

    I'm not denying that many (male) directors are incorrectly hailed as geniuses. So point those out instead of trying your case against the man who REALLY was one of the great geniuses of the cinema.

    Also, B Ruby Rich does women in film a disservice by showcasing her complete and total ignorance of Welles' contribution to the development of cinematic style with this line: "When it comes to aesthetics, the Wellesian plague is cleverness." She's obviously missed the boat on Welles by not reading or not "getting" Bazin's articles on Welles and decoupage, or David Bordwell's "On the History of Film Style."

    After all, it's not a simple theoretical framework and she's probably not capable of understanding it.
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    I was just gonna say that.

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